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Working Uber during school half term holidays… How much did I earn??

Monday the first night of the school half term holidays on Uber, how much did I earn??

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Driver Matty
5 meses atrás

Sign up to Uber and make up to £250 extra once you complete your first 50 trips:

T Wong asa
4 meses atrás

just Subscribed. I work a Base then log off and go on Uber after 1am . Great Videos Matt

Lee Cooper
4 meses atrás

This was funny as fuck mate! Cheered me right up….

M 2
5 meses atrás

Do Uber drivers really need to do a knowledge test I just applied for a ph licence in Manchester on the dbs stage and next stage is a test why would you need to memorise routes I thought that was only for black cabs

5 meses atrás

Matty, when you say have much your on in the video, is that before or after Ubers cut?

5 meses atrás

You missed the work monday morning matty i done £130 from 5am to 9:30

5 meses atrás

Anyone on a Sefton plate , how long have you waited to renew your plate ?

Jacob Cookson
5 meses atrás

Means is will be busy thrusday Friday Saturday in there off

Vinnie O'Mahoney
5 meses atrás

1700 subs, a lot more than other U.K. Uber channels have got, nice one son

Vinnie O'Mahoney
5 meses atrás

I’ve had 50 quid tip off a stoner for a £7 job, next day he complained to Uber, got told to do one, 😂

5 meses atrás

i have been getting these , they need to change the system

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