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Will you still wear a mask on planes and Uber rides?

Brandi Smith is breaking down the new national mask mandate that eliminates face coverings on planes and other forms of public transportation.


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7 meses atrás

Absolutely not.

7 meses atrás

Masks are bad for your health not good. Mass just like social distancing is about control and the New world order. So NO! God created us to breathe and not through a face diaper!

Brandon hall
7 meses atrás

The fact that our personal choice was taken away in the first place still is the most shocking thing.
Cant believe so many people still think surgical masks are meant to filter your breathing. LMAO It’s use has always been to shield surgeons and nurses faces while operating on a patient.

7 meses atrás

NO !

Livin n van down  by the river

She's a terrible reporter.

Livin n van down  by the river

Yes jean! Halil

Paul S. Kearns
7 meses atrás

Watch the Water⚠️🌀

Jerry Colunga
7 meses atrás

If I am asked to, yes.

Richard S
7 meses atrás

No I will just drive my own truck where I go

7 meses atrás

YES, YES and Yes…

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