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[Vídeo] Zendesk Guide Design | Zendesk Help Center Examples | Part 3

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It is challenging to design a Zendesk help center that boosts customer experience and lowers support costs. It is especially time-consuming if you or your developers don’t have extensive expertise in Guide customization. Regarding this problem, experts recommend exploring help center examples from other businesses that have built a thriving self-service experience for their end-users.

An effective Zendesk help center is not only about content. It should also be well-organized, intuitive, and easy-to-use to allow your customers help themselves. For example, a branded and customized knowledge base is a seamless extension of your main site and allows you to stand out among competitors.

If you are looking for a cost-efficient solution, you can reach out to Lotus Themes, a Zendesk partner for Guide design and customization. It will help you replace an in-house team of designers, developers, and Zendesk experts. We create tailor-made help centers that meet all customer unique needs. More than 2,500+ companies worldwide have realized the full potential of Zendesk Guide with Lotus Themes. These changes range from premium themes to custom solutions. And now we want to share best practices for a thriving help center.

Discover our selection of Zendesk Guide designs and see how effectively these companies offer their customers to self-serve. All of these help centers are based on ready-made templates from Lotus Themes.

This Zendesk help center features a bespoke custom design, with every page having its own look and feel. With all this extensive customization, you’ll never recognize the Flatrock theme it is based on. The help center features a multilevel menu for desktop and mobile version. The homepage shows popular searches under the search bar to display frequently asked questions upfront.

Though FundApps is on Zendesk Guide Professional plan, we added an extra level of content to their help center. Side navigation and breadcrumbs also include this additional level.

PEAX is another Flatrock-based help center that looks absolutely unique. And it also features an extra level of content on Zendesk Guide Professional and the side navigation extension on inner pages.



Formstack Sign:

At Lotus Themes, we build Zendesk help centers that provide an excellent self-service experience, reinforce brand trust, and lower support costs. Zendesk also confirms our deep knowledge and extensive experience by using our themes on their internal help centers. You can find details in their case study:

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View best Zendesk Help Centers from these companies:
0:09 FundApps
0:24 PEAX
0:45 BlaBlaCar
1:06 SodaStream
1:30 Formstack
1:52 Free Tips: Best practices for Zendesk Guide from CX leaders

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Lotus Themes for Zendesk Guide

View best Zendesk Help Centers from these companies:

0:09​ FundApps

0:24​ PEAX

0:45​ BlaBlaCar

1:06​ SodaStream

1:30​ Formstack

1:52​ Free Tips: Best practices for Zendesk Guide from CX leaders

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