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[Vídeo] "When the nights are long they'll be easier together" // Dedication part 2

Let’s see, what do I want to say about this vid?

It’s kinda the same thing as the other dedication vid
only I don’t really have any good reasons why I chose
these songs… Turns out, the longer you’ve known someone
it gets harder to pick out a song or a movie they like
’cause by then you know so many of their favourites x)
So I just kinda ended up making random vids I hope
they’re gonna like 😉 But I’ll try to give some kind of

Pocahontas – because I know that this is one of your absolute
favourite disney movies.
“Quiet” – Because it fitted the movie ;P

How to train your dragon – You’ve been really psyched to see
this movie so I figured you’d probably like a vid about it
“Fireflies” – It’s just so sweet :3

Hercules – well I don’t know exactly which is your favourite
but at least I know you like this one ;D
“Impossible” – it kinda fits Meg so I just went for it xD


Those of you who usually watches my vids knows that
I usually don’t use soft colorings so let me know what
you think of these :3


“I’ve got you” by McFly
“Quiet” by LIGHTS
“Fireflies” by Owl City
“Impossible” by Shontelle
Footage: Pocahontas, How to train your dragon, Hercules

**No copyright infringement intended**

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  1. DannyPhantomSG1

    I love your soft colors. :3 And how you zoom on different parts of the screen for beats. I like that style. 😀 I love Pocahontas "Quiet" best! I haven't seen HTTYD, and I've seen two other vids of Meg with Impossible! XD So it definitely fits her well. 😉 Hehe!

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