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[Vídeo] Vlogmas Day 13 | I Don't Know What To Name This Vlog… Just Watch It | MissMosstheBossTV

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  1. Uneak Tershai

    EARLY! Hey sis! I am in this thang. Notification gang gang gang. Safety first then feed Salt cause ummmm the chair throwing hands. You better fight back sis. Lmbo! I need to increase my ounces too cause ummm I be dehydrated af. Keep us posted on the water journey. Gucci man is a big boy. He and Marco eat the same treats. Marco loooove that bacon he swallow it whole and be looking in your face like "where the rest?" Ummm if you chew sir you wont forget you already ate it. Lol! Great vlog sis. Until next time. 💕✨

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