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[Vídeo] Uber Eats & Lyft To Leave California?? | Bad New for Restaurant Owners & Gig Workers ab5 bill

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BIG NEWS…if you’re a restaurant and consumer of Uber Eats or DoorDash or any platforms that use gig economy workers, the injunction out of California is going to affect YOU.

Just this week, California judge passed an injunction demanding Uber and Lyft to reclassify their drivers as employees. This is a MASSIVE deal.

Currently gig economy workers are considered contractors and do not receive the same protections like health or tax benefits as part-time employees & full-time employees.

Although giving the gig workers more protection is a good thing, it actually has some detrimental effects to consumers, restaurants, and the workers themselves. In this video I go over how consumers, restaurant owners, and the gig workers will be affected by this change.

This is an ongoing situation and I will try my best to keep you updated on what happens.

So if you’re a restaurant owner, part of restaurant management, an aspiring restaurateur, own a food business, own a ghost kitchen/cloud kitchen/virtual kitchen/dark kitchen or regular user of third party delivery apps like uber eats, doordash, postmates, lyft then keep on watching!

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30 Comentários

  1. BayArEA DriFTER

    Fuck this country.. If something isn't broken don't fix it.. 80% of drivers say yes to prop 22.. I do doordash and Uber eats full time and make $2000 a week this is the only job I could do due to a medical condition I have.. I am not proud to be an American and really never was.. This whole country and system is corrupt

  2. Peter XYZ

    I understand this spiral; but, there’s the Sweet Spot where “everyone is happy” or “where everyone is taking their FAIR share of the work load”? As much as I am PRO PROFIT FOR ME, I’m not too far above BEING A WAGE SLAVE. WHERE are the protection for workers?

    Here’s a lateral thought: WHAT IF……. (cause I had heard from other business owners on this subject) …….a business WANT to pay for (partial) health insurance for their worker and family, so the family has 24h coverage. INSTEAD of worker comp, where it’s ON-JOB ONLY coverage? Worker comp reimbursement and rehab cost will come from health insurance?

    Eliminate 2 insurance for employers.

    How feasible is this idea. I’m no work comp expect nor insane expert.

  3. Simoun Ybarra


    Truly & ABSOLUTELY Nothing to be afraid of I tell you!

    UBERLYFT & CORRUPT GIG COMPANIES will always threaten to get their way, that's their MO….

    In the SMALL CITY of AUSTIN TEXAS, UBERLYFT came back after their retreat – tail in between their legs… but they had to bribe their way in the STATE LEVEL first to get favorable terms. Something they won't be able to do in CALIFORNIA, I pray!



    "In May 2016, just days after Austin voters rejected a change to the city council’s ride-hail rules, Uber and Lyft left Austin."

    "More legitimate operators rushed into the breach, including Fasten, an established Boston-based ride-hailing company. There was also RideAustin, a nonprofit founded by local entrepreneurs that charged a fixed fee per ride similar to Fasten and gave the rest of the fare to drivers, a stark difference from Uber and Lyft’s notoriously opaque system for split payments between themselves and drivers.

    While Austin had definitively rejected Uber and Lyft, the artisanal ride-hailing renaissance showed that there was still an appetite for something beyond the existing taxi system. “Life finds a way,” Campbell said."


  4. sheldonspider86

    This is because most drivers are uneducated, have no sense of how economics works and dont understand that these are SIDE GIGS. You're suppossed to have a REAL job and do gig work on the SIDE. I mean did they really wanna grow up and drive taxi and food delivery as a "profession" lol?

  5. Delivery Dashcam

    These Gig workers who are complaining are quite frankly fucking morons. The Delivery Business is Booming. Being an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR I/You can multi APP. I am making more money than ever now doing deliveries for the past 5 years. My market is NJ……… Being an Employee means no more multi apping.

  6. Rian Gouws

    Uber was never intended to be a full-time work replacement. It was always intended to be a supplementary income revenue stream. Uber drivers complaining that they have no income protection didn't take the time to understand the purpose of UBER and other supplementary income sources. It was designed for you to have a stable job elsewhere, and use the resources you are already using for yourself (your car/bike/moped etc.) to generate additional income.

  7. Hno Elmer Chavarria

    Uber and Lyft are losing money? Why a company that loses money every year is worth 90 Billion and probably more with all the billions invested in the driverless cars network. If Uber provides car we can go with all the benefits that they are offering but since it’s my car I don’t want to give Uber 50% of what I make just to have the freedom to chose my hour. That is all the benefits we get while we get robbed blind by Uber.

  8. Josh

    O well,. I wonder how much Uber and Lyft paid this guy? There for was a time before Uber and Lyft.
    Anyone cabs?
    Anyone remember when you use to call the restaurant, they them self's would deliver your food?
    Pay your workers or close we don't need more zombie company's

  9. godonniecom

    Go pick up your own food restaurants hire people let them pay the taxes they’re already set up restaurants have food delivery service if they want to be employees let him go to the restaurant and get a job get paid for the mileage lots of restaurants are going that way come on man

  10. kona girl

    Good video but the author is actually making a sober case on how to solve some of the problems with a gig economy. AB5 isn't about solving anything. It's about bolstering unions and ensuring tax withholding. If those aims hurts the average joe, so be it. Keep voting democrat CA.

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