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[Vídeo] Uber and Lyft leaving California

Uber and Lyft leaving California
0:00 introduction
0:40 let’s go back in time when Uber and Lyft first got started
1:10 Uber and Lyft was started as a gig (not a job)
1:38 people quitting their jobs to become Uber drivers
2:18 how people turn Uber and Lyft into a full-time job
3:46 all about the freedom and flexibility (work when you want)
4:04 Beginning to explore other options
4:55 why Uber can look like a job
5:59 The new independent contractors(The want to be employees)
6:15 why it’s hard to hang out with employees
6:27 self employed people think differently about money
6:51 I got an hourly wage
6:59 construction workers

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