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[Vídeo] Sime 2017 – Me Too –Carolin Solskär, performance by Isa Tengblad

Me Too – the story of a woman that had enough (and one of the most important viral penomena of our time).
Carolin Solksär, champion of the Me Too movement and creator of the #Metoo Stopckholm events.

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  1. Vibratron XL

    #metoo … I've been sexually harassed my entire life, since I was a child. In movies in advertising, in school, at work, all day, every day. I'm a man and since I was a child, women have been exposing themselves to me. If a man exposing himself is sexual harassment, it would be a double standard if it didn't apply to women, right. Since I was a child I have been exposed to see thru clothing, cleavage, nipples, short skirts (some without panties), women have touched me without my consent, I've been hugged and kissed by women who never asked permission. Vacation, you're faced with bikinis and thongs. Every commercial on TV, every movie…Victoria's Secret…it's everywhere and it's unavoidable. On the commercial level women do this for profit, it's a crime against all men and it must stop…share this if you agree.

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