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[Vídeo] SERGIO DI PASQUALE | Get to know the Endurance Beast | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #35

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Welcome to this episode of our Interview series where I take the most successful and known calisthenics and street workout athletes from all around the world and ask them about their mindset, workout advice and their story. Today’s guest is a the first and only official Italian Bar-Barian, the endurance beast @Sergio Di Pasquale AKA NewEra. We’re talking about how to become a Barbarian, his workout secrets and the mindset for success. Enjoy this episode and feel free to support this series with a thumbs up if you liked it! #calisthenics #interview #athleteinsider

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You want to find Sergio on social media? Here you are:
YouTube: @Sergio Di Pasquale AKA NewEra
How he became a Bar-Barian:


00:00 Welcome
01:07 Who is Sergio?
03:16 Who are the Bar-Barians?
07:15 His height and weight
08:06 How he got in touch with Calisthenics
21:12 Is he still a Bar-Barian?
22:24 His profession and studies
24:26 His typical day
26:58 His workout schedule
28:19 The mindset to get better
31:40 His split for the week
33:40 Why he is training legs
38:30 How to reach your goals
41:30 Train your mind
43:27 How he became a superhuman
46:20 His injuries
48:28 Is he into skills?
50:51 His one rep max numbers
53:05 Sergios nutrition
54:48 Does he use supplements?
56:56 His goals for 2021
01:00:30 Quick questions, quick answers
01:05:28 How to get in touch

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