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[Vídeo] Rideshare drivers say fake names, no profile pictures make them carjacking targets

Rideshare drivers are calling for changes to popular platforms in response to a dramatic increase in carjackings in Chicago and the surrounding area. FULL STORY:

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Caso ainda não conheça nossa comunidade, o Mundo Uber tem um fórum onde os membros podem interagir e postar dicas e dúvidas para os demais motoristas de aplicativo. Para acessar o fórum, é bem simples, basta clicar nesse link:

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    No profile pic, no ride. That simple, find another legitimate customer.
    And I don’t believe those stats are accurate one iota, I’m sure hundreds try and carjack them.
    I’ll drive myself, thank you very much. Until the day I die!!!

  2. Rhee Ryder

    Yep. I used 2 pick up all kinds of weird names, even a black guy who put JESUS on the uber app who wanted me 2 make a side stop somewhere else (I didn't). Uber is trash & truly doesn't care about driver safety.

  3. Matt B

    Yup. Uber and lyft don't care about driver safety or they would require passengers to verify there accounts before they can book a ride. Until that changes I'll continue to decline rides in suspect areas at night.

  4. Matt B

    The irritating thing is its such an easy fix. Require passengers to verify their identity when they create an account. No special technology needed there it just requires Uber and Lyft to actually give a damn about their drivers

  5. Beelzebot

    Welcome to the world of cab drivers. Cabbies NEVER had the luxury of knowing who was getting in their cab, but somehow these modern day "Okies" figured they would be immune to the problems of a cab driver. Now that trouble has found them, they're furious at the police for the same thing they ignored when it was Yellow or Checker. They are no better than scabs that cross a picket line.

  6. ratt57

    I'm a rideshare driver in California. I was under the impression all riders here have to have a photo. It's going to be really hard for Uber or Lyft to determine what's a fake name and what isn't.

  7. ray c branch jr

    In the beginning when I first started in 2016 they had some pictures of the rider Uber app now it's easy for them to spot us but I'm basically unlocking my door to whom ever walking up to my minivan and I'm just unlocking the door my senators the mayor's the governor anyone in politics cannot do anything to help me I pick up people who are working for people in politics and I tell them the stories basically nothing can be done and I voted for them and they just go about their business until they need me or us to pick them up and take them to wherever but I know one thing they always got their hands open for Uber and Lyft but not for me

  8. ray c branch jr

    Uber is a lie I have the receipts to prove it they don't give a damn about me or any other driver when I call customer over in the Philippines they give you the runaround that's the way they were taught they do not care about you I've been doing this from 2016 until current don't let Uber play you for a fool the owners and all the rest of them are a bunch of tricks they do not care about you you have to be very cautious in the area that they send you Uber is nothing but a trick

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