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For your PRECIOUS METALS needs SD BULLION is the best place to shop. It’s where I buy.


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Caso ainda não conheça nossa comunidade, o Mundo Uber tem um fórum onde os membros podem interagir e postar dicas e dúvidas para os demais motoristas de aplicativo. Para acessar o fórum, é bem simples, basta clicar nesse link:

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  1. Piton Pete

    Gold and Silver are useless without a functioning trade system that is completely reliant upon the energy system created by the economy of Scale of the Industrial Civilization we live in. If everyone is not buying electricity, gas, industrial food, iphones, computers, and on and on and on ~ your gold and silver will mean nothing while you need to air conditioning or heat in your shelter in order to survive. Wake up folks! Humans are like Hogs (especially in the USA) being Led to Slaughter!

  2. Jimo225

    I do not feel sorry for any of these people that can't get a job. I own a landscaping business and need people to come to work and pull weeds. none of these unemployed peopel will pull weeds because it is beneath them. if they are desparate and need to savfe their house and feed there kids they need to come pull weeds. but no, they are too lazy. i hope all the people that won't pull the weeds will lose their house. then they will wish they did it but it will be too late.

  3. dmircea5

    I'm in my. In have 10 tenants, three are section 8 so I don't count them. The sit home govt pays 99% of rent no work. 2 out of remaining 7 got new cars in March and started doing Uber when they lost they jobs.

  4. Alex P

    California state government doesn't give a damn about the people who live here. Working people and small business owners are expected to pay , pay and pay. Well, that train is about to leave the station as thousands are fleeting this socialist hellhole for greener pastures. Make no mistake, there are many advantages of living here, but the environment of worthless homeless, seven million illegal aliens, high taxes (and growing), lousy schools, lousy roads, bums, and derelicts everywhere. If I hadn't been a native Californian, I would have left long ago. Now, many of us have to explore our options. The Golden State is broke, and yet the moronic government just refuses to cut back expenses.

  5. Ransome McKissick

    Uber and Lyft are my side hustles. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and despite the fact that I have a 9-5, Uber and Lyft provide at least 50% of my income. I am a Gold level driver with Uber and I am in the "1000 Club" with Lyft.

  6. Maarten Van Eck

    I'm living a lifestyle most 9-5 workers wouldn't dream of, Forex trade and bitcoin mining has been a potential addition to my income. My trading has been transparent and I relied on the services offered by my expert broker Mr Kevin to achieve the best.

  7. Malus Darkblade

    Trump and Boris did not take Covid seriously.
    Both even cut spending on pandemic preparedness.
    This was a clear policy decision, nothing to do with the Chinese or WHO (who warned every man an their dog).
    The UK government abandoned testing altogether after the first few outbreaks giving up on the UK population in favour of heard immunity. If this would stayed their policy the UK economy, and government departments and possibly the military would have collapsed in two months.
    It was only after people and business started to close and shutdown voluntarily did the government sense that something was wrong with their approach.
    Thank god Boris still has two braincells to rub together, not too sure trump has any since they are not far apart to be honest.
    Both a vile and low character's who's only purpose is the further their hold on power, control and for Trump money.

  8. Despues De Todo

    I hear a lot of people talking about tenants getting $600 a week and not paying rent. I've seen about four payments of unemployment and I've been filing since March. People aren't getting anything yet, it's not their fault.

  9. Dickie Larue

    Fear City…gives you a good idea how the system works from asphalt to real estate…Listen to the tapes and you will hear a name that comes repeatedly by organized crime folks…he so happens to be the Potus…however he and as others learned nothing from Wharton school of business and etc…they learned from the streets and there predecessors…Both sides from law enforcement to corporate business have been looting since who knows when…they thought nothing of everyone else's future but how to continue to get there goodies…Hard working folk's who have followed the law, helped there families the best they can have been shafted and the jig is up…

  10. Linda Marie

    NY, Chicago, LA are losing residents because they are moving to suburban and rural areas. Montana is being overrun with city slickers fleeing the cities. Too many are coming and wish they’d leave so they don’t turn our state into what they’re fleeing. Doom and gloom channel. Wow!!!


    Pretty crazy when I want to break out in my happy dance when my local gun shop gets some more boxes of 5.56/223 in (very scarce). Humm, wonder what I spent my free time doing 20 years ago. Can't remember. Seems like a life time ago. Almost can't remember a time that I wasn't…"prepping". Lol

  12. Db

    A lot of people don't know where to put their money these days, the market is a default go-to. if corporations are doing so poorly why are their stocks soaring?
    it must be a speculators garden for sure. the smart people are tooling up for the upcoming digital currency reset. you can enter digital assets the easy way, now with early adoption
    or the hard way when they flip that switch. the two systems currently run parallel, for now. fair warning for what is certainly coming as we trim down to the bare essentials in businesses.
    many won't resurface.

  13. Kurt Rickerd

    I think many of the drivers' work has dried up long before this due to the draconian lockdowns. Uber was my only job for over 3 years until the criminals called "government" destroyed demand when they locked down Portland. I had to switch to food delivery. I'm sure I'm not alone. It's been really tough lately since I refuse to wear a mask and many stores are illegally discriminating against normal people like me by not letting us in or refusing to ring up groceries. If I had more energy I'd sue Winco.

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