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[Vídeo] Lyft Lux (REAL EARNINGS) As A Lyft Lux Driver Day 6 | Lyft Lux Black | Lyft Driver Pay

In this video I share my Lyft Lux driver pay, Lyft Lux Black, Lyft Driver Pay

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•••••••Already an Uber Driver but forgot to use a referral code for your 1 time sign on bonus/guarantee??

This is the legitimate way to retroactively applied one today. It’s always worth a try And Uber will email/message you within 24hrs telling you if it was approved or not and what to expect.

1 Open Uber driver app
2 Click On your picture in top right
3 click help in the top right.
4 click account and payment
5 click referrals
6 click invited driver – report my missing or incorrect driver referral
7 click message us and use the information below
Invite code: nicholasn5748ue
Friend name: Nicholas Newsome
Phone number: 617.383.3455
Detail: my friend Nicholas referred me to drive for Uber




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  1. MrsLioness36 GamePlay

    I was just wondering about something I have a black Chrysler Town & Country fully loaded Black leather interior all the Bells and whistles But is still a minivan I had this vehicle prior to starting to drive for Lyft and Uber My question is would this be Eligible for the lux or lux black rides

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