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[Vídeo] Is it fair to ask for money? | Oxygen Composite Elements

In this video I am going to share my thoughts about the new 3.7 version of Oxygen Builder and the Composite elements that has an extra price.

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andrew mckim
2 meses atrás

From the very beginning it was an incentive to purchase Oxygen when nobody had ever heard of it for $99 as an investment, a risk (one that I'm happy to report is paying off handsomely.)

I always just assumed from the very beginning that if it ever got really good (and it has,) that they would go to an annual subscription model, which they should absolutely do at some point. I think we've all lost track of this fact and have somehow come to assume that it's always going to be offered as an LTD, when in fact, it was always meant to be an incentive to help them get the ball rolling. That's what taking risk and investing is all about. I have nightmares about not purchasing Bitcoin when it was dirt-cheap. Just thinking about it now makes me want to take sleeping pills.

I make no apologies for getting in on the action 3 years ago back in the olden times when they didn't even have "undo/redo," "WooCommerce," or many other great innovations most of us now take for granted.

I'm sorry to anyone who just missed the cut-off date with a legitimate excuse that they weren't given forewarning. Fair enough, I think Oxygen should maybe "grandfather-in" such innocent victims.

But, moving forward, if you're not lucky like those of us early adopters, make sure you're at least "leveled-up" to the Agency level, where you can take advantage of all the improvements that I'm sure will be made to modules like Gutenberg and Woo. I see a time when not only the standard Oxygenbuilder plugin will go subscription, but so will those "add-on modules" as well.

Yep Mig
2 meses atrás

If I buy a car and the manufactor then offer a new accessory later, I don’t expect to get it for free. Yes it would be a little annoying if some got a better deal because the were among first buyers. Its the same here, and its 29$ a YEAR, thats nothing compared to many other WordPress plugins. Also you dont need the elements add on, you can build the elements your self with the agency lifetime deal wish is dirt cheap, for what you get. But yes you are right they could’ve done better marketing, and one of those “you have 3 days to get this deal” would probably have sold a lot of extra licenses

George Tsiaggos
2 meses atrás

Το χθεσινο live στο αλλο κανάλι δεν θα ανέβει?

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