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[Vídeo] how to get Lyft amp

Lyft amp review
For $5 in ride credit, download the Lyft app using my referral link: It’s the most affordable ride in town. Terms apply.

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Caso ainda não conheça nossa comunidade, o Mundo Uber tem um fórum onde os membros podem interagir e postar dicas e dúvidas para os demais motoristas de aplicativo. Para acessar o fórum, é bem simples, basta clicar nesse link:

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Sarah Evans
1 mês atrás

I love being a Lyft driver!💗

3 meses atrás


Watertown WI Paranormal

They made you do 250? They sent me a notification after my first ride asking for my address so they could send me an amp.

Andrew est#1980
1 ano atrás

Weird Lyft gave me amp after my first ride that also gave me a tip….

Paparazzi by Carrie Rhatigan

Not anymore… the bonus is still advertised but correct anymore. Its just a ride guarentee. Sucks

Wild West Unlimited
2 anos atrás

It's EASY!!…. 3:23 … HAHAHHA…… Cool vid! Good luck and make LOTS of $$$!!

2 anos atrás

Hey! If you’re interested in a new rideshare starting in March, please contact me at 484-452-3040. Thanks!

Pilot Light
2 anos atrás

This is cool. I want to get an lyft amp.

Ronald Poret
2 anos atrás

I love my Amp, it helps you stand out to a rider. The only complaint I have is the charge don't last long.

Rydeshare Guys
2 anos atrás

Good vid bro. Thanks for sharing!

xAngie Angx
2 anos atrás

How you get the cards? (promo card) DO you have to order it yourself or Lyft offer it to you?

Luis Linares
2 anos atrás

If U don’t got stickers u will get fine ESPECIALLY!!!!!! in airport fines could reach 1200$!!!

Joseph Schiro
3 anos atrás

Anybody can get the 500 if they do 150 rides in 45 days in smaller cities!! No referral needed!!

Stuart Saye
3 anos atrás

Just got mine…out for about 3 hours…said battery was low…how do I know when it is fully charged…Does it need to be on to charge?.trying to charge in the house…

3 anos atrás

Thank you for the review I might look into doing lyft

3 anos atrás

I am a fan

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