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[Vídeo] Carjackings are up and Gig Workers are getting Victimized. We are driving with a target on our backs

Carjackings are up and Gig Workers are getting Victimized. We are driving with a target on our backs.

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16 Comentários

  1. kryzs czarnecki

    Reality is I work for a black Fleet so I bet the boss wouldn't be mad if that truck disappeared at a hundred forty thousand miles 2017 I bet he wouldn't say it but he be like s*** thank God insurance will cover it.. Plus I know he's been eyeing the new body style what is fleet of 30 trucks

  2. Nerissa Katzeek

    I also have a flashlight for when it's dark and if the customer doesnt have their porchlight on. I dont understand if you're expecting a delivery why dont you turn your porchlight on? Leaving it off makes it harder for me to see your address. Please turn your porchlight on when you order anything. That's all I ask.

  3. TeddyT6

    Unfortunately this is a crime of opportunity. It's just like when some people stop for gas, and for some unknown reason they leave the car running, windows down, radio blasting, it's like an open invitation to take your car. They usually go up in wintertime when Folks like to keep a warm car. But one tip fir delivery folks. Turn your car off make your delivery and just hope you get back without incident to your car. It's just a risky job. Just keep your wits about you, and watch your background. Be aware of who might just be lurking around. Other than that it's not much you can do about it. Police are stretched thin as it is. There are just not enough Cops around!

  4. Dandan Thedrivingman

    I have had multiple attempts to take my vehicle from even customers in the back seats. Attacked asdualted and shot at. Attempts to ram me etc. Great to have been in an USA army infantry unit combat unit. Or i would not have anle to post this! Stay ALERT- STAY ALIVE.

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