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[Vídeo] Can Uber/Lyft passengers drink alcohol in the car?

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Vincent Jackson
2 anos atrás

I told one customer don’t bring any drinks in my car. He didn’t look very happy when I told him. He disposed of it on the street. I rated him 3 stars just in case he would have given me a bad rating.

The Rideshare Hustle
2 anos atrás

Sounds like your the one sneaking drinks

The Rideshare Hustle
2 anos atrás

let em drink, lol.

2 anos atrás

This guy is an used cars sales man…however can't hate the hustle…good job bro..

J bell
2 anos atrás

It's legal to drink in vehicles in missouri as long as it's not the driver… Bud light made here, and paid for laws hahaha

sCary's channel
2 anos atrás

Most passengers are pretty understanding and respectful so it was never a big deal for them to wait until they get to their destination. However, this one time I picked up some extremely sketchy passengers that made me feel like my life would be in a threatening situation if I had said something about their drinks. They were also extremely racist (using derogative slurs in their language talking about me), but thankfully the ride was short.

Jonathon Christ Follower
2 anos atrás

Crackn. A Beer on my Way 2 Pick up my next Brod..My official job is 2 pick up Chicks..😗*He said Red Solo Cup!!! Fill me 🍻up 🍺☝- Tell um put beer in trunk and take off as soon as they get out.😉

Kode Williams
2 anos atrás

Let them fucking drink

Milf Hunter
2 anos atrás

So if someone asks, Hey you mind if I smoke, say you mind if I fart!

Real Rideshare Stories
2 anos atrás

Nope. I'll tell them they can't have that because of the laws. They have to finish it before getting in or leave it behind. The worst is when people sneak it in and then open it. Another reason for a dash cam to clear you of anything like that.

Dustin Is Driving
2 anos atrás

Yes they can do it if ya let them 😂😁🏸

Milf Hunter
2 anos atrás

I'd imagine some would get bent, but same as smoking in your car…

David Quintana
2 anos atrás

I drive in Vegas. People try all the time. No go. Not worth it or the promise that they'll take care of me on the app.

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