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[Vídeo] Can Lyft Drivers Drive In Other States? " Video "

Can Lyft Drivers Drive In Other States or Multiple States?

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Lyft does allow drivers to drive in Other States but there are some limitations to this! I’m currently a Portland Oregon Lyft driver and can also driver in Vancouver Washington.

This means that I can drive in two states! Now the reason I’m able to drive for lyft in two states is because the area I live in is pretty much one large metropolitan area. Downtown Portland and downtown Vancouver are only a 15 minute drive apart.

But with that said although I’m allowed to drive for Lyft in Vancouver Washington as a Portland Oregon driver I can not drive the entire state of Washington. Because I’m not a registered Lyft driver for the state of Washington.

So this means that if your city sits on the border of another state you may be able to drive between both states. Pickups and drop offs. But not every situation is like this.

Another cool thing that Lyft will allow you to do is temporarily drive in another state. Let’s say you wanted to take a summer vacation in another state and still make money. You can!

In order to do this though you will have to contact lyft and have them change the registered state in your Driver profile. You will also have to meet that states regulation requirements by having that states driver licenses, tag, and insurance.

Now it should go without saying that you will not be allowed to drive for lyft from state to state and make money. This is because you can only have one state in your lyft Driver profile and you would have to meet each States regulations which would be extremely complicated.

Now another great thing that you are able to do Driving for lyft is Drive in any city in your state that has lyft. This means as an Portland Oregon driver I can drive lyft in any city in Oregon that the service is available. This doesn’t require any additional work from you and can be great if you wanted to explore your state more.


I hope this information helps and until next time peace!

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32 Comentários

  1. James

    The good news is they still have jobs working for Uber and Lyft the bad news now is that my friend only makes $300,000 per year instead of $500,000. Do you feel sorry for him. He also owns 1/4 of a cab company in Eugene. Eugene will be approved for UIber and Lyft soon.

  2. gtracer66

    Only problem is you won't get surge rates. You get notifications to drive in busy areas in your home range. You won't get notifications where you actually are.
    I'm from Florida, but I'm driving in Ohio. I get alerts of events in Orlando. I never get alerts of events in Ohio. So I'm losing this bonus rates.
    I have Florida tags but registration card has Ohio address.

  3. The Rideshare Foodie

    I am from Baltimore and currently on a road trip to California and have been working in each state to fund my trip. I've been lyfting from Baltimore to Phoenix Arizona and have had no problems. I just heard it won't allow you to lyft in New York, California and Seattle.

  4. Corey Moorer

    I drive in Atlanta and I’ve been able to drive in Texas. I can also accept rides in Mississippi and I believe I can drive in Ohio, Tennessee, Carolina, and Florida that I know of. I haven’t had to switch my profile over but maybe they updated how things work.

  5. Aj R

    Please remove this video. You are confusing people and giving false information. You can drive with lyft in VA even if you are registered in Oregon. Do NOT give information falsely if you don't know anything!!

  6. Big Teddy Bear

    I am an insurance agent licensed in 45 states and familiar with the laws in all 50 states. The reason for this is because insurance laws and liability limits along with required liability limits for Ride Share Gap vary greatly from state to state. You could be legal in one state and not meet the state minimum requirements in another.

  7. Snack Attacker

    Pretty much 100% inaccurate. A driver with Michigan insurance would be able to drive in 49 states with Lyft, because the requirements are Insurance related and Michigan insurance is No Fault. It all depends on how much your insurance policy covers

  8. Mike Leader

    Thank you man, very helpful answer.

    My other question would be so can you cross state lines with the passenger to drop off but just not be able to get a new request till you’re back in your bubble? Here in Buffalo, Ny were close to Canada someone did $38 on a trip from the Buffalo Airport to Niagara Falls Canada

  9. Lēia Edmond

    I live in Las Vegas Nevada and I take frequent trips to California. Lyft would not allow me to pick up ride request in California, they told me that I had to switch my documents over and register for that state. It also says on the website that you must register for each state that you choose to drive in, and follow their rules and regulations. Which vary from state to state. It also says that you can only be register for one state at a time. Meaning, you can only drive for the state that you’re register in unless there are special circumstances around that, as the young man stated in the video. Reading and listening is fundamental. You all are welcome. Have a great day.

  10. Bill Smith

    I drive in Phoenix Arizona. I see tons of California tags driving Lyft here in Phoenix. I also see other states as well. I don't know if Arizona allows this or if they are doing something illegal

  11. Mike Smith

    Different states is cool but it would be even better if they just remove the region lines as I live at the very northern border and I bet I could snag a few rides for people going into the city to start my drive days out

  12. Danny Chang

    Do you think Lyft will grant my permission of switching from LA to Las Vegas, because I'll be in LV for a week. Also I read something on lyft website, Heads up: You won't be able to drive in your previous city after you switch. That makes the switch become permanent.

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