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[Vídeo] BREAKING: Lyft Announces Shut Down in App For Drivers!!

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Caso ainda não conheça nossa comunidade, o Mundo Uber tem um fórum onde os membros podem interagir e postar dicas e dúvidas para os demais motoristas de aplicativo. Para acessar o fórum, é bem simples, basta clicar nesse link:

21 Comentários

  1. mycashflow

    If you don’t like the way Uber or Lyft work it system. Then fucking quit… get a job.
    Uber and lyft is not for you to do full time, so stop crying like a worthless person and learn to find a career. People actually used it to make extra money, now a career

  2. Jaron Klock

    Yes on prop 22 as I've said in other comments if you don't like the pay go find someone who will pay you what you want freedom to do your job how you choose when you choose when you become a employee you can't go to work and say I'm here to work I'm only able to work an hour and a half because I've got something else going on they're going to send you home laughing the entire way if you're an independent contractor you can go in for an hour and a half make $40 go home I've never been paid less than federal minimum wage never been paid less than State minimum wage in my state

  3. Jaron Klock

    Uber and Lyft all the time to get to and from work when I was making at my full-time job and never once did I talk to a driver where they were like all yet we don't make enough they always said that they were making more than there

  4. Jana Jaya

    Take my word 😂 Lyft or Uber not going to closedown anything in California, if they do so just like they're loosing a hand✋ in the body, don't worry they are threatening driver's. These gigs companies also loosing half of the revenue in there's budget. They know this AB5 will spreading toward Nationwide. If so, they have to close the whole businesses.

  5. Gwetto Martinez

    They could simply could have stop this by putting a Mandatory cap and telling drivers where the trips are going to and what the trip is worth. If the can due it for Uber eats why can’t they do it for the driving part. They should only be aloud to take 15% . If they did that I’m sure drivers would be ok with it. They could raise there rates. At the end of the day raising rate would still be cheaper than a yellow cab. I understand people talking about the way Uber and Lyft treat their drivers and how they’re getting over which they are but every major corporation in America is doing this the government should have a mandatory cap Of how much each one these apps can take in the gig economy. What I don’t understand with Lyft and Uber is why couldn’t they offer some type of warranty insurance and replacement insurance when it comes to the wear and tear of your vehicle . I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania I love being an independent contractor but I understand why at A5 is important because there’s nothing keeping them From taking more commission for the trip and being that I put so much money in repairs on my vehicle why couldn’t they offer something that goes directly into your vehicle why couldn’t they offer some type of plan they set you up for retirement. These things can be worked out with some type of a union which we don’t have. We should have that right to unionize

  6. ISpyaLie Max

    What makes Dylan disgusting is he does what he tells you Uber is doing except he ripped you off and Uber pays you well. Dylan has no problem signing you up for ripoff Companies that exploit drivers like gas buddy, survey junkie, and this new thing A company that he makes all sorts of false claims about how they are going to pay you vacation time and get you reactivated if you’re deactivated. None of these things are true none of these things are what this bogus insurance company offer that he wants you to sign up for. Everything in that company is pointless because it demands that in order for you to collect any benefits you have to have a 4.98 Driver rating almost nobody has that and if you don’t you get nothing.. Dylan is the enemy of rideshare drivers. Out of one side of the mouth his mouth he says he does not support making drivers employees and then out of the other side of his mouth like right here in his previous post he tells drivers that they’re not getting paid the equivalent of minimum-wage. You have to be a total idiot not to make minimum-wage on Uber or Lyft.. And if you want to make good money. Keep it you should be watching real channels like hairy Campbell or the simple driver who teaches you how to run your Uber Lyft like a business.Dylan is full of shit if he’s opening his mouth he’s either lying or ripping you off all he cares about is making money off of you not you making money. Ask him to explain how you make more money as an employee driving Uber. Do you want to sit on your ass all day and not drive he will not make minimum-wage. As for where in tear on your car if you buy the right car like I do you can pay off your entire vehicle in less than three weeks. Then car repairs are meaningless. Drive a reliable five star reliability rating car like a Toyota or a good Honda. Select a car that doesn’t burn a lot of gas. My entire gas bill regardless of how much I drive equates to 10% of my income. So if I drive and I make $20 I’ve spent two dollars in gas if I make $300 I spent about $28 in gas like yesterday But I actually still have some gas left in my car. If I make 100 bucks I’ve spent $10 in gas.. I spent $20 a month in oil change, $20 a month for a subscription to a car wash, and my insurance which I have to pay anyway. Now if the government is taking 30% out of my Uber paycheck how am I winning. If I can’t drive anymore because I’m not a platinum or diamond driver how am I winning. If I Can’t Dr., Uber part time how do I pay for my classes. Maybe it’s a good thing we live in a cancel culture because what everyone should do is cancel the rideshare hub especially canceling Dylan. One of the biggest liars on the Internet.

  7. Service User

    Stop letting lyft take 60% of your fare because it's your car your gas and times here's how after you pick up the passenger after 1mile end the ride early and ask passenger to add the difference as a tip thank me later

  8. Neal Peters

    Don't really pay drivers that much." Depends on where you drive. 1.21 per mile .15 per minute here. I'm getting $25-50 per hour. But 300 miles south of me in Sacramento they pay less then half that.

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