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[Vídeo] [ BaBu Jump ] iPhone iPad Game Official Video Game Trailer


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The terrible disaster is coming from the outer space, across the mountain and the sea. Infinite red flames covered the entire sky. The light of the horizon cannot even be seen. No sun, no moon, everything is burning in silence.

But there is still hope! Look! At the edge of the fire storm, one little Babu jumps here, jumps out of the death, jumps out of the fate, and never gives up. He knew that the last hope to end this extinction is the ancient god of BaBus — REXA! However, it is not easy. He needs to reach the perilous dark mountain to summon him. Come! All BaBus, he needs your help right now!!

1. An exciting running game of extreme fire chasing.
2. One touch game playing. Special touch down bounce control is similar to the basketball dribbling skill.
3. Aim and crash the fruits on monsters, blow splashed juice up and make an amazing huge jumps, it is just like awesome headshot effects.
4. Fat power, squid rocket, flesh glider, monsters summoning, and other special skills!
5. Crazy combo jump system lets you jump to the sky!
6. From the mountain to the ocean, the hell to the heaven, and the earth to the outer space, different journeys is waiting for you.
7. High score challenges all over the world on the Game Center.
8. Collect priceless fancy colored eggs and golden eggs.
9. The story mode packs and survival mode bring different game experience.

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