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[Vídeo] 6 ways Lyft and Uber drivers can get paid today! (Unemployment & Government)

This just keeps changing in the gig economy. In this video, Senior contributor Jay Credeur explains where Lyft & Uber drivers can get in on all this money being offered from the government in 6 ways. Ranging from Unemployment to business grants to the stimulus package! This video has been produced by The Rideshare Guy.

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How to apply for a EIN number:

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  1. Bonita Smith

    I just checked the California Edd site and I dont see in the PUA unemployment section the steps to apply yet. Have you heard a date yet on when California will allow those claims to be filed? Thank you for all you're doing during this scary time. God Bless you

  2. El Maestro Del Amor

    I received my bank notice that some heartless individuals are collecting your bank account and personal info through SBA or IRS masquerade links to still your identity and take your money away. If you did change them immediately your bank account (routing and checking account). I trust this website and you will know soon if this channel doesn't block me before. Becarefull guys!!

  3. QueenOfKingdoms

    I agree with the guy in this video. I applied for unemployment anyway so that they can have a record on file in order to pay me from THAT DATE, not when they FINALLY get things up and running for ride share drivers. I do Uber in Los Angeles, and when I applied I DIDN’T put Uber as my last employer. The instructions (click on the Question Mark [?] located at the end of each question) says that you CANNOT put your independent contractor job as your last employer. When you get to the section that asks for your job title, NONE of these worked for me: Driver, Independent Contractor, Delivery Driver, Driver Service. So what I put was COURIER and that worked !!! Next, it gives choices to select regarding job description, and I DIDNT choose “Airport Shuttle” like the guy in this video. I selected TAXI DRIVER instead because to me it’s more closely related. I also selected PUBLIC HEALTH as the DISASTER responsible for the decrease in work. I can’t remember where, but I believe it was on that same page where I was able to put that I was an independent contractor. It’s not the PUA Benefits form, but for now something is better than nothing. Like this guy said, do your part and let the government catch up. Words of WISDOM !!! 😎😎

  4. James Bradley

    TEXAS UNEMPLOYMENT ALERT- Texas IS NOT set up to handle INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS (IC) and SELF EMPLOYED (SE). Applications will be REJECTED until their system is updated to match the CARE ACT requirements for IC & SE applications. If your application is REJECTED, contact your SENATOR as they are ONLY AUTHORITY who can get your state’s unemployment system updated. Otherwise your appeal will fall on deaf ears and your state will continue doing business as usual with no concern about your personal financial situation given the millions of applications that are being processed. In other words we are all just a number.


    I always drove part time for uber and lyft the last 4 years. Last year I made a gross income with uber of about 30k. My mom lives with me who is 66 years old, so I decided to stop doing Uber altogether beginning of March. I still work full time at my other job, but because i rely on Uber for that extra cash, it's causing me to struggle as I have kids. Does anyone know if I'm able to take advantage of this and apply for unemployment?

  6. David Etter

    My understanding is that the EIDL is not a forgivable loan (ie. a grant). It must be paid back with interest. I think what everyone is looking for is the Payroll Protection Program (PPP). That is the one that can be forgiven, and is applied for through your local bank. Applications for independent contractors began being accepted on April 10…but some banks are delaying it for a few days. Check with your local bank for info on how to apply for the PPP as an independent contractor.

  7. report7777

    question to any one : what happens if like me uber driver was like second or extra income alone with other delivery service ( that still giving me money but no more uber ride share some nights and weekends as I used to can I apply even that my other incomes still coming in so far ? thanks

  8. BBB Bigbrownbear

    In California our application does not include independent contractor as a Lyft or Uber driver it has not even been changed to reflect the COVID19 Pandemic just questions relating to common workers. I got approved to the tune of 0.00 had to fill out work weeks for 0.00 fml

  9. mourad sadoune

    uber driver does not have  this : Employer Identification Number (EIN)By Julia Kagan Updated Jan 31, 2020 What Is an Employer Identification Number (EIN)? An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a unique identification number that is assigned to a business entity so that it can easily be identified by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).1Internal Revenue Service. "Employer ID Numbers." Accessed Jan. 31, 2020. It is commonly used by employers for the purpose of reporting taxes.The EIN is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number. When it is used to identify a corporation for tax purposes, it is commonly referred to as a Tax Identification Number (TIN).2Key TakeawaysAn Employer Identification Number is a unique number assigned to a business so that it can easily be identified by the IRS.Applying for one is free and applications are available on the IRS website and can easily be filled and submitted electronically.A business must be located in the U.S. and have a valid taxpayer identification number before it can be issued an Employer Identification Number.

  10. kanita 09

    Hi, quick question: I started receiving unemployment benefits two weeks ago, I just received the Economic Injury Emergency Grant for $1000 today, it was deposited in my account. My question is if the grant is considered income? Should I report this money to EDD? I rather return the $1,000 to SBA than loosing my unemployment benefits. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  11. sonja keesee

    Do you know business has dropped down dramatically and it won’t really irritates me is riders they don’t tip anymore it upsets me because tips well some of us live off those also I’m having to drive 20 minutes to go pick up a rider every trip I am losing money more than I am making money so which one should I apply for I plan on applying for the $10,000 one That one would be extremely helpful but I do not know if I would qualify for unemployment since I am still driving even though I was making almost $200 a night now I’m making about $60 a night would I still qualify for unemployment

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