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Uber Technologies Inc. & CEO Mr Dara Khosrowshahi, you have been served by a driver you deactivated.

Have you been Deactivated by Uber or Lyft? Let us help you.

Are you still waiting on your Background Check? Speed it up here.

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As a driver advocate I hold Gig Companies and their CEOs responsible and accountable. I expose CEO ‘s like Dara Khosrowshahi, Tony Zimmer, Logan Green, Tony Xu who are not taking care of their drivers and food delivery drivers. Together we fight for better safety and better pay in this channel. Be safe out there.

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Ty’s journey vlogs
7 meses atrás

This is something that shows how they take the customers word as well when I don’t like someone’s gender

Obed Lataban
8 meses atrás

Thanks to you, and all you information. I got my account reactivated. Thank you Professor.👏👏👏👏👏👏

9 meses atrás

I gave dara a ride once worst trip of my life

ndene gueye
9 meses atrás

You helping us SO MUCH. God bless you

Fareed Ahmad
9 meses atrás

Hi brother how can I contact you because I have problems with Uber they deactivated my account

D Guerrero
9 meses atrás

So much RESPECT!!!!! for Mr professor I thank you for what you do.

javier pineda
9 meses atrás

Hi I am a driver in miami Fl. Been working for Uber for almost 7 years never had a complaint or a report against me my rating is 4.99.My account was hacked about a week ago made a report the same day to Uber support they made the decision to close my account.I when to the Uber green hub to made the report too and still they tell me they send a email with the decision to close my account.
My question is is there anything I can do. They say they made there decision that someone too a picture for picture verification and it wasn’t me that is why they made that decision to closed my account

9 meses atrás

Uber new slavery…u bring your own hard..and uber get 60% from your income…that.s busshit

Business Now24
9 meses atrás

Well did yall know that LYFT IS DELIVERING FOOD FOR A LOW FEE????

Julie Smith
9 meses atrás

I’ve been deactivated from Uber AFTER an arrest my younger son took out against me for SIMPLE ASSAULT which the charges he is claiming do NOT even match what’s in the police report, I have been granted prior to this arrest a 50b )protective order) against my son & he was arrested for assault on a female as well as simple assault…magistrate could see what he did was “retaliation” for his charges…now I can’t even get on with DoorDash…my ratings were 4.98, with 100% acceptance rate, as well as 2% cancellation rate…and I was a DIAMOND DRIVER! I had been driving for nearly 3-years! I wasn’t due for my renewal until beginning of February…I was arrested January 6…no way Uber should’ve found out about the arrest the VERY next day! My criminal court date isn’t until February 18, 2022 which the DA is hoping to get the charges dropped!

9 meses atrás

I applaud you for this 👏thank you for what you doing.

sharif hossain
9 meses atrás

How can I get contact contact info for further process

sharif hossain
9 meses atrás

My Uber account deactivated from September 2021.
I contact to Uber office few time, they didn’t reopen my account. I have dashcam in my car. I have all footage inside & outside. Please help me for activate account.

joe matters
9 meses atrás

Love you professor . Your an amazing support for the hard working drivers trying to improve there lives.

Karzan Darbany
9 meses atrás

From UK 🇬🇧 to US bless you 🙏

9 meses atrás

Wow!! I might need you!!👍🏻

Garrison B
9 meses atrás

I almost got permanently deactivated for putting on hand sanitizer – rider reported me for smelling like alcohol. Thankfully the case manager listened to my story.

Shopno chari স্বপ্নচারী

Like your videos.. working from New York

Pamela Norwood
9 meses atrás

What will we do without you. I watch you everyday so know how appreciated you are by taking time out of your busy schedule and doing these videos for us. I'm starting to learn quite a bit from you and I only wished you either lived in Colorado or I lived in California but I think Colorado is a little better lol.

Monique Monique
9 meses atrás

Wow…hearing all these stories and comments I'm glad i didn't do this i rather deliver food and even with that I'm careful because those customers lie also but to have a stranger in my car that feels entitled and these companies deactivate u over whatever ppl say is a insane and also sad when ppl are just trying to make a living

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