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Uber loses appeal to block $92 million in mass arbitration fees

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Kal Simo
10 horas atrás

Keep mentioning Uber and Lyft stocks are sinking so people will think twice before investing in them. This will impact those crooks( Uber & Lyft CEO’s ). Great job rideshare professor

Business Now24
17 horas atrás

I had became homeless because they yoyoed with my pay!

Business Now24
17 horas atrás

When you treat your drivers like crap, remember some of these drivers have family that works in certain places, and when those people hear about all of the negative things that UBER does negative to their own drivers whether its from deactivations or not paying fair fares, they won't have much favor in anything or any business because now the potential family members don't see them as a very good, reputable company, they see as a thief!

Business Now24
17 horas atrás


George Nemaz
20 horas atrás

if government refused public transport licence they would be screwed
taxi service is the best and cheaper

George Nemaz
21 horas atrás

Uber at in again been suit 26 mil for stealing off riders but keep using these bunch thefts they do it because they can

Chris Yoder
21 horas atrás

Fuck Uber

1 dia atrás

Anybody else get a email from potter handy to sign a W9? Settlement coming soon?

Choppin’ Broccoli
1 dia atrás

Here’s the thing: when riders laugh and say you should have a menu, They are saying they prefer to boss you around and emotionally dump on you or tell you to shut the F up at any time, While you run your car into the ground making peanuts. Presenting this menu is pathetic.


Lol they deserve it

D Guerrero
1 dia atrás

California is next

Jonathan Clayton
1 dia atrás

The Travis Kalanick video cost the company $200k for the settlement in 2017. I bet they don't pay that kind of cash out anymore.

Fran K.
1 dia atrás

Elon Musk will buyout Uber next for pennies on the dollar and transform it into an all electric rideshare platform.

Jeff Kunu
1 dia atrás

The only thing a person can count on with rideshare driving for Uber and Lyft is you will 100% be taken advantage of. You will have Criminals in your cars. You will have more pay cuts. Your car will be worth nothing and you will have rude inconsiderate customers in your cars. Stop the rideshare abuse don't drive Rideshare.

Lían martinis buck
1 dia atrás

How can I get a good lawyer

Arthur Chan
1 dia atrás

Hopefully this will be the start to hurt their bank account.

Dietmar Stahl
1 dia atrás

Uber and Lyft become more and more like a scam. Fuck Dara forever. Garbage piece of shit CEO.

Dietmar Stahl
1 dia atrás

$10 ride minus $1,50 Tax, minus $5 gas = $3,50 +$3 bonus money $6,50 after car cost $5 for 30 minutes??!!!
You work for $10 an hour????? Garbage
Lyft $10 an hour after tax and car cost = $3 an hour. Who works for this illegal pay. And on top of it they want to "Cherry pick" rides you must hate most.!!! Uber and Lyft just become a scam!!

Deborah Dixon
1 dia atrás

How do I get in contact with you? Need to inform you of riders using the app to hunt female drivers in my area. We need to get this information out! I do not believe that I am the first woman they have targeted. I now fear for my safety while driving.

Johnny McLeod
1 dia atrás

You so right man some of the rider will lie to get their money back

Steve Williams
1 dia atrás

Independent to work when u want…
But u can't collect…
Even our tip HAS to go through them…
Who the f do they think they are…

Steve Williams
1 dia atrás

They start LOSING already…lol

Colleen Wise
1 dia atrás

Thank you so much for all your videos Torsten. I really appreciate you spending your time and effort in making them .

Meghan Perrone
1 dia atrás

Happy Monday!!!!!

Teula Rose
1 dia atrás

Hi Everyone

Jason Ferris
1 dia atrás

The case first arose in response to an initiative launched by Uber following the death of George Floyd, in which Uber announced it would waive delivery fees for Uber Eats customers who placed orders at certain Black-owned restaurants. The law firm Consovoy McCarthy PLLC then gathered more than 31,000 claimants who paid delivery fees to non-Black-owned restaurants and filed arbitration demands claiming that the fees constituted unlawful reverse race discrimination.

Jman Big
1 dia atrás


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