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Uber Legal says you can not have two Uber accounts. Proof that Uber support encourages 2 accounts.

Uber Legal says you can not have two Uber accounts. Proof that support encourages 2 accounts.

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Jeffrey Moliere
1 mês atrás

They did the same to me with my cadillac I had completed 100 rides uber X with my cadillac escalade esv 🤦🏾

Brian Hughes
1 mês atrás

Torsten, I agree with most of what you say regarding the Rideshare industry. I'm an Uber Black driver in Houston, and based on my experience and my opinion, even though it can be a pain in the a$$ maintaining 2 driver accounts, I don't believe Uber is scamming us regarding this particular topic. At least in Houston.

I believe it has more to do with city ordinances associated with Livery licensing.

Brian Hughes
1 mês atrás

In Houston Uber Black driver's have to have 2 accounts. My Uber Black account has X, XL, Comfort, Black, Black SUV. My original Uber account only has X, XL, and Comfort.

The only time that I'm aware of Uber requiring a 2nd driver account is Uber Black.

Opportune Grace
2 meses atrás

Wow just shows how truly incapable humans are in general. Crazy that when given the perfect situation things can turn sour. The anticipation, the hype quickly turns into frustration, disappointment . Trust God because we don’t know what we’re doing. And everyday it shows 😢

Maybe it’s simply our brains that feed off the everyday challenge presented in life. Reason why people like toxic relationships, wasteful situations and trouble in general…it stimulates our brains. God helps those who seek the Higher Presence.

2 meses atrás

Uber does indeed tell you to make a new account to sign up for uber black.

Mike Smith
2 meses atrás

Yes, I can confirm that uber support encourages opening of multiple accounts.

When I first signed up with uber, I did not have a rideshare eligible vehicle (Mazda Miata), so I signed up for ubereats delivery only. Everything was fine.

Then a few months later, I got an eBike and thought would be interesting to try some bike delivery. Support told me I couldn't add a bike to my existing account. Support specifically told me I had to create a separate account for bike delivery.

Then some months later after that, I got an XL/Comfort eligible minivan. And again, uber support specifically told me that I could not add that vehicle to either of the previous two accounts and that I would have to create yet another new account for that vehicle.

Edward Simmons
2 meses atrás

Lyft punishes if you complained. Have not seen any scheduled rides in a week. I literally just checked for a scheduled ride, nothing. I immediately got a ride request from a prescheduled ride. I asked her when she reserved the trip and she said the night before. I've been complaining like never before recently. So be careful when you complain, it will cost you.

2 meses atrás

Why dont the Driver finish the 200 rides in Uber get his Rating , that will be at a Loss . Then once he has his establish rating then tell UBER I will only accept Black calls . This does not sound like its Uber doing anything wrong but asking him to complete 200 rides to establish a rating. Does the 1st 200 being on normal suck yes , but then after that he is on Black . Unless I heard something wrong from the interview.

William Erazo
2 meses atrás

I don’t trust customers service from India or Philippines

araie mohamed
2 meses atrás

they blocked my uber account for no reason
because unfair low rating, and my rating is 4.70

2 meses atrás

Where is this?

Kimberly Childress Wade
2 meses atrás

Does the acceptance rate matter?

Meghan Perrone
2 meses atrás

Uber executives hide behind their support staff. Their support staff is made up of people have no accountability and nobody ever has any ability to help you. They give you useless scripted answers or pass you on to the next support person that also doesn’t know how to help you.

Marcos Lemos
2 meses atrás

Hi I am an Uber Black Driver and Uber's Background checks are taking over weeks! They are not even sending the request to Checker! Looks like there is a glitch on their Background check process! Hub told me they have over 75k Background checks pending. Wtf Uber!

2 meses atrás

At least Lyft doesn’t require 2 accounts. For standard and black rides on Lyft, it’s all done in one app.

kryzs czarnecki
2 meses atrás

One thing at the end that was funny 6 years doing Uber black that trucks getting scratched up. From fingernails on the door scratches at the handle from women from everybody else with their backpack and purse service animals dog leashes birthday cakes 5 cases of beer in the rear 15 pieces of luggage mountain bikes on six different occasions people entering in and out of this vehicle up to 50 a night that rear quarter on both sides with the rear doors are going to get scratched no two ways about it not to mention the nasty chemicals at the carwash cuz this soap may be pink blue or yellow but there's acid in it. And in the end it is a work vehicle. good luck

kryzs czarnecki
2 meses atrás

Back in 2015 when I first started with Uber , I went with a fleet owner and he gave me a brand new 2015 g m c Yukon XL. Long story short that truck got deactivated boss said I did something wrong so I went to the office in Los Angeles there while looking into why I was deactivated they said that why do I have 2 Uber accounts . I told them what was what and they immediately deactivated the account and said I only need one which is till today the same account I drive on the black car platform. then being that I'm the driver not the account holder they informed me my boss was missing documents on the truck. And this was an issue he needed to resolve not me. But in 2015 they did take the second account and killed it in reality. So I'm thinking this is nothing new but just an ongoing one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing led by Dara

Anonymous Giraffe
2 meses atrás

All uber black drivers have 2 accounts

I Wontbebeat
2 meses atrás

I've never had two accounts . I don't know how even .but Uber disciplinary rider asking me that I have them for no reasons . Harassments tbh

2 meses atrás

It used to be I was a Nissan Altima 2018 Select and a UberX and didn't have a problem. I Belive could turn off UberX back in the day in the setting and only do UberXL

Savage Scientist Dev
2 meses atrás

that is true my rider account shows DUP after my name and it is hell trying to sign in after forgetting your password

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