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Uber Eats JUST Changed Their Driver App

I just drove for Uber Eats and noticed a recent change to their driver app that will affect how you accept orders.

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🖥Video Timecodes🖥
0:00 – What’s Different About This Order? (NEW)
2:05 – Standard Order Request
2:21 – How Much Time Do You Really Have To Accept An Order?
3:23 – Stacked Order Requests With Limited Time
4:22 – Uber Eats Speciality Stacked Order
5:05 – Ending Stacked Order On New Screen
5:46 – How To Get High Paying Orders
7:02 – Complete Earnings Breakdown

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QUESTION – Have you seen this screen change while driving for Uber Eats? Let us know in the comments section of this video.

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Your Driver Mike
2 meses atrás

⚡️This was seen again just days later, check out this video next:

Da Sheek
1 mês atrás

They are telling me its because your confirmation rate needs to be 85% or better. I said this should not be a privileged reward thing to see the drop off location.

fito guillen
1 mês atrás

Not im only see one it sucks 😪

Joseph Williams
1 mês atrás

I have been seeing many changes. The ones u mentioned for sure. I also seen in what I imagine were surge zones where I was offered a trip with no destination, or expected price!

1 mês atrás

yes it did change im from phoenix AZ. I got a triple order buffalo wild wings for $60 which is crazy ive never gotten 3 orders at once.

Happy Poops
1 mês atrás

Uber eats is ONLY showing me the estimated time to the pickup location.. No longer showing estimated time OR PAY.. anyone else experiencing this? I WILL NOT work with a blindfold on!

Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy, Lady of Pemberly House

I’m a new Uber eats driver and I had a stacked order like that- didn’t realize it was a double order until after I picked up the first and they gave another location for pickup and I’d never heard of the place- it was in a HUGE mall and I had to HUNT to find the restaurant. Turned out it was on the 2nd floor and a looong walk away from the first order pickup. I was sweating! Not to mention the stress I felt to get the first order to the customer because it took a while just to find the second pickup. 😓 The stress of that order alone caused me to take the next day off.

1 mês atrás

BITCRACKS who normally listen to customers!! please keep it coming sir, it's_the_access_you_got_me!. .

1 mês atrás

BITCRACKS who normally listen to customers!! please keep it coming sir, it's_the_access_you_got_me!. .

1 mês atrás

BITCRACKS who normally listen to customers!! please keep it coming sir, it's_the_access_you_got_me!. .

kevin Anderson
1 mês atrás

I don’t think the costermer Adds more after the delivery like the apps says I think uber hiding the pay like Doordash.They are not as bad as Doordash when it comes to hiding pay but they do.

David Primerano
2 meses atrás

Nope it only show the first location.

Christina Lemley
2 meses atrás

Hi Mike, I drive in South Pittsburgh region and last week I was driving near Brentwood and got a stacked order from Dunkin donuts. I thought okay the miles per pay was ok but after I accepted(the order) they sent me to 2 different Dunkin Donuts stores and my deliveries were both to be made near Downtown Pittsburgh…It was ridiculous! One of my pickups for Dunkin Donuts was near Brentwood and the second DD location was in Market Square, which was no fun as you can imagine….I had no way of knowing this at the time. The two different pickups didn't make sense at all..

Timothy Reiland
2 meses atrás

5:32 you can see the p/u spot halfway in the route, at the 'P' in Pittsburgh on your map. Faint, but it's there.

Timothy Reiland
2 meses atrás

It's not connectivity issues with the time they give – I typically have 6 seconds to accept an order.

Vincent Jouett
2 meses atrás

I’m in San Diego and yes it’s doing that

uahgraduate 2021
2 meses atrás

I've only had one stacked order; both were from outback steakhouse so there wasn't another location to pick up from because both orders were from the same pickup location but like I said it's the only one I've had; wait wait wait I recall that I was in the middle of picking up an order and then immediately got another one from a different location; in conclusion when there's two deliveries in one aka for an example "outback steakhouse (2)" means both orders are from the same pickup location… But I'm not sure if that's always the meaning behind it 🤷

jerry mackey
2 meses atrás

I received a stacked order and was sent 5 miles south for the 1st delivery and then was sent back 1 mile from the pickup to deliver the 2nd Why? Has anyone had this happen to them?

2 meses atrás

i accidentally accepted a stacked order. it didn’t indicate there was a second order and i was so effing mad because it was for chipotle and they are so slow. and the pay wasnt worth it. so fckng shady. and the screen BLINKS when an order populates. i hate that. it makes it difficult for me to read the map and street names. and the timer goes sooooooooooo fast compared to doordash. smh

Tara C
2 meses atrás

Nope, Ive only seen the 1st pickup.
Literally only have 5-10 seconds. Not on WiFi ever. If it’s good I’m praying it’s the same pick up location 🙏🏼 and I’ve accepted a few really good ones and then I get a message “Something went wrong” & lost the order. That happened 3 times yesterday I was very unhappy with that

Zane Salamah
2 meses atrás

I just want to be able to move the map when I get an offer for an ordee

Moises Israel
2 meses atrás

Its a trick order they send me 8$-7$ orders and its 2 orders -_- uber is the worst deliveri app…… for resl

eli whitney
2 meses atrás

I have also been getting very short times to accept orders. It’s not all orders only some. Has caused me to miss getting some good orders and that’s pretty annoying

Henry Kirtman
2 meses atrás

I've been driving UE since May and I have never seen it show 2 pick up location on a stacked order just the 2x saying a stacked order just have noticed the faster counter and what is with the low ball offers 2 dollars they are getting ridiculous. I never except anything under 10 dollars

Kanji Nails
2 meses atrás

What I’ve been noticing about the amount of time we have before we accept the order is that I think Uber sends out the order notification to multiple drivers at the same time and when any driver picks up that order first, the order then quickly disappears from other people’s screen. I only know this because there was another Uber eats driver sitting next to my car, also waiting for orders in the same location as me. I can be wrong but it looked like we both got notified to pick up an order. I was a few seconds late into thinking if I should take that and the order soon disappeared in seconds and the guy next to me drove off and left. I’m assuming he picked up that order first lol

Bob Leece
2 meses atrás

I've made it a cardnal rule I no longer take staked orders. 9 put of 10 times I get screwed by the second order.

h w
h w
2 meses atrás

YES I started noticing and it seems (at least to me) like it happens more often when I decline more orders than usual. Here in NYC, we had heavy rain fall at dinner rush last 2 days, and it went completely insane busy. I was declining about 10 orders to chose one with over $20 payout, single order under 1.5 mile, under 10 min. They kept coming in with few sec interval non stop !! Then I started seeing orders disappear in 5 sec few times. THIS IS MY GUESS, but I have a feeling UE are doing what Postmates used to do, sending an order to multiple riders at the same time and whoever clicks on it first gets it. Besides the app error, that's the only reason this is happening.

+1.80 order? have you ever taken one like that cheap? I do all the time ONLY IF it's a merchant I know I can expect high $ on the check. Tonight I picked up 2 orders @ +1.90 and +2.10 along the way, both over $70 checks. Tips $7 and $12were added later. Orders were placed on Postmates platform and delivered on UE.

sunday wan
2 meses atrás

Hi Mike ! Can you explain how to count money per miles and tax deductions? Thank you

Austin Berry
2 meses atrás

Same thing happening in California 👎

Eddie Vera
2 meses atrás

I never signed up for package delivery and they snuck two in an order and I haven't done any since

Yari Ruiz
2 meses atrás

It’s not even the first pickup! I got a stacked order for Panera. When I accepted. First restaurant was actually Mcallisters. Which makes me nervous that I’ll accept an order with a restaurant I don’t want to go to!

Tracy Walls-Hill
2 meses atrás

Mike, here in Texas, San Antonio we're getting that shady (2) stacked order doesn't show second pick up location either. I don't particularly like that either. But I am getting paid out well!

Peter Salvatore
2 meses atrás

And the hiding of the second restaurant name has been happening for same amount of time 6 days as the super fast timer. Ever since last update for app..

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