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Uber driver killed after being hit by vehicle on shoulder of I -24. GOFUNDME LINK below

R.I.P Alaa Alhashimi of Nashville. Much Love to you Brother from the Rideshare PROFESSOR. YOU ARE A GREAT MAN.

Ver no Youtube

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Cel Y
10 meses atrás

This job is dangerous, Uber needs to pay more

Pamela Norwood
10 meses atrás

Thank you so much for your deep, sincere concerns, care, all the time and research you spend to obtain accurate information and speaking on behalf/supporting us drivers. I am the one in Colorado that you sent me the link giving me the opportunity to let you know what happened to me. You truly are a man of your word and honestly didn't think you'd respond. You "walk"/follow through with your "talk." A very heartfelt ♥ thank you just doesn't seem enough that I can extend to you. Just very difficult still to send you the details as I re-live it. Be assured I will be in the very near future.

10 meses atrás
Emmanuel Rodriguez
10 meses atrás

Just today I helped a friend that does uber as well, he had a flat and just pulled to the right side of the road, I was like NOOOOO, we are driving (About 400 feet) forward where there was an empty parking lot… People be safe…

William Erazo
10 meses atrás

Where’s the pilot driver ?

10 meses atrás

Never ever stop or pick people up on the freeway! You can die. I got a queue once, rider says hold on I don’t know where we are. Driver gets on the phone says we have a flat tire, we’re on Briley Parkway, can you pick these guys up and their luggage and take them to the airport?!? I said no sorry, I’m not putting everyone mostly myself in danger cuz you can’t maintain your car, call t dot roadside assistance. 615-862-8600. Be aware of your mile markers on the freeway and drive smart. Both these drivers dropped the ball. You have tire issues stay off the freeway and don’t drive to Clarksville. Discount tire! Uber and Lyft do not safety check vehicles. I’ve seen taxis with flat tires all the time, all their warning dash lights are on. Wont turn on the a/c. Driving post Covid is the most dangerous I’ve ever experienced. Road rage galore. I’m doing 70mph on i40 and other drivers pass you like your sitting still. In a monsoon! Drivers don’t get caught up in the game. Uber is the anti christ! They don’t give a rats ass about you or your new car. That’s why the surge map is the color of vomit!!!! Lyft is like being married to another hag. You have to toggle the app off constantly to catch surging or worm your way out of dangerous neighborhoods. Logistically they both do everything in the world to get you killed. Thoughts and prayers for the driver and his passengers. Tourists here are so genuine. Unfortunately the home of country music is now a third world Disneyland for Drunks. Nashville sold out! It’s a red state but a blue city so the city is all fucked up. It’s open season for lawlessness and recklessness sadly in what was once a sleepy little college town in 1976. Freeways are 70mph which means drivers are going to do 80-90+ mph. They need to clamp down in metro and lower it to 55mph. Fuck Sammy Hagar, deal with it! You can drive 55!!!! People need to slow the fuck down. If not, sign the back of your drivers license.

Christopher Bernadel
10 meses atrás

Wow!!! Uber doesn't care about our safety 🦺 and they won't even acknowledge his death but they can acknowledge how much money they lost from drivers who are independent pick and choose jobs…. My condolences to the family.

Breez Luize
10 meses atrás

Type his name on the GoFundMe site. His fundraiser is the first one there.

Who Me
10 meses atrás

Shoulder of the highway is always dangerous, get onto the grass completely.

Ron Deutsch
10 meses atrás


Mohamed I Khalil
10 meses atrás

Really sad. Family man killed while helping another human being

Koaility Kolas
10 meses atrás

. Thanks for the Professor.

Jose Jimenez
10 meses atrás

Uber drivers. Should. Strikes. In Los Angeles

Joe Pace
10 meses atrás

Uber Promises They’re Taking Every Fucked-Up Step They Can To Decrease Ride Fees

Alex Manga
10 meses atrás


Mohamed Salem
10 meses atrás

البقاء لله الله يرحمك علاء
That break our hart in Nashville TN . Alaa was a good man who work so hard to protect his family back in Iraq .

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