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Uber Driver Drugs & Kidnaps Child

Hey guys. I have been living full-time in my F150 for over three years. Sleeping in my truck and enjoying whatever area I am at that day!

Link to news story

It has been reported on our local news stations that an Uber driver from Sinton Texas picked up a child in Portland Texas and instead of driving him to Rockport Texas gave him alcohol and brought him back to his own home in Sinton Texas

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roamin b
7 meses atrás

I used to fish from that pier. Other people told me they caught good Reds and Specs from there often, not Me.

7 meses atrás

This reminds me of a reddit section called, "Let's not meet," that I used to read back in the day.

7 meses atrás

Thanks for the comedy reminder Dennis! Going to watch "The Jerk" (again) tonight 😄😂

Ronald Beach
7 meses atrás

I love that lost at sea Memorial what is your favorite sea food restaurant there

7 meses atrás

Crazy world.

Sharin Nature
7 meses atrás

Good morning…. 3:43 to be exact 🤷What a scary story about that creep 😔Like I said the world has gone mad🥺 beautiful water today🌊🌬️I hope you have a great day ,and I'll see you in the morning video 👍

Debra Meyer
7 meses atrás

Good to know about the age rule for Uber. A few years back, one of the students at the junior high school called an Uber so she could go to another school and beat up a girl. She could not find the girl; another student told her the girl had gone home. So, she beat him up instead.

Miss Mable
7 meses atrás

That's a good comeback 'what's the odds of 2 serial killers being in the same car'.
Gotta remember that one. Some people are just pure evil & sickos in this world. I'm with you Dennis, I hope he never sees the light of day again.

R.V. Living with the Geezer

How crazy it would be to transport a child with no carseat. That's actually a felony in Texas if there is a wreck and the child is injured. Good driving video. Have a great evening buddy!

Thelma Hutson
7 meses atrás

Good evening Dennis!! Wow uber driver gone mad, the world just gets more evil every day. Very sad, thank goodness the young man woke up and went somewhere safe. You just never know. Those picnic areas were nice and close to where you park, not far to walk, very handy. Thank you for the ride along my friend have a great evening

Raccoon Little bear
7 meses atrás

Kidnapping a child would be a death penalty offense, (if I caught the 'perp').
NYC just announced the release of 8000 prisoners, while defunding the police.
On a lighter note, if two cereal killers were in the same car & ' cancelled 'each other out, that's a good outcome! Lol.😧😀
Have a quiet night Dennis!😎👍

RVing Sooz
7 meses atrás

Respect to you for following the Uber rules. They are there for everyone's safety. Sorry to hear of the kidnapping. Yes, there is evil in this world. I hope the bad guy gets maximum lock up time.

Sashi Smith
7 meses atrás

Hi Dennis
The drive was beautiful love seeing
the area. Thank you Dennis.
That's scary and awfully horrible.
keep warm from the wind.🍂🌀

Flowerfolk Farm
7 meses atrás

Good morning Dennis!! Yeah I heard that wind howling!! Yikes!! 😮 I’m onto my second coffee ☕️😆 had afew flower chores to attend to earlier!
I can only imagine what you’ve seen as an Uber driver. That’s so good that you respect the law with all that, it’s important. It is heartbreaking tho when you see people & children, the very vulnerable not really being as protected as they should be. We as a human race need God so desperately, when things are left up to us they just disintegrate so terribly. There are some pretty sick individuals out there and as a parent I just never trusted anyone with my kids when they were young, not that that makes me a better person than the nxt, I just couldn’t do it!!! They’re not replaceable… I would fret so bad! Some people have had tough lives and I guess some things lose priority……. I’ve never understood that myself, safety of my kids comes above my own!! Hey even I’m wary and wouldn’t hop in an Uber by myself! I’ve read the news articles about what can happen!
So good to see the sights my friend, thanks for the drive & rant!! Love it, have a wonderful evening 🐝🌷♥️

Frank McKinley
7 meses atrás

It a shame some degenerate takes advantage of a minor, and gives a bad name to ride sharing. It's also sadly presumptuous that people think they can do whatever in your car.

GC Cheryl
7 meses atrás

Horrible what happened to that boy Dennis. These kids need to be taught too about the bad side of people. Like you said once, more people need to be punched in the face and that driver qualifies, don't you think?I thought I was going to die with an Uber driver once, his driving was aggressive and dangerous. I kept my mouth shut until I arrived at my destination then advised Uber of what happened. Taken several pleasant Uber rides and that only happened once. The need more drivers like you!

Jamie Makin
7 meses atrás

Oh gosh, not another "talking about kidnapping stories while driving around a harbor video" … lol … just playing with you. I enjoyed the drive and the look around, and commend you for doing the right thing and following the rules. And more seriously, that's terrible what that driver did. I hope he gets locked up for a long, long time.

7 meses atrás

Goodevening friend🌙Yup, picking up the howling wind but no a prob with sound. This picnic area is sweet and the clouds showing out with a touch of that beautiful blue sky you guys have. When I worked with the public (over 30 yrs) … mom and dads would seem to try to evade their children. As if as soon as an adult was near, they would all but disappear. It was like their children became invisible to them. 🙄 hot button topic of mine.
Truth👉🏾whether cops, pizza makers, lawyers or Uber drivers…anyone of em can be evil. Good drive brother, excellent convo🌻

Everything Shakes Support
7 meses atrás

Awesome video as usual Dennis… have a great night.

Marilyn Scull
7 meses atrás

Awesome video Dennis

Dianna Haas
7 meses atrás

WoW Dennis…
Even being a previous uber driver as well…
I never saw that coming. 😲🤯😱🤯
2 serial killers in 1 car.

Eclectic Vicki
7 meses atrás

Good evening! I actually like weather beaten beach houses. Have stayed in a variety. Did not know that about the age of riders, makes sense though. Terrible about the boy. It is good you stuck to the rules. Not a saint but I typically do too. Speed limits and such. Things just go smoother when one conforms 😇. You sing fairly well, I say fairly because you don’t do it too long to assess it fully. I sound like a squeaky squirrel.

David Garcia
7 meses atrás

That sounds like a mother not responsible about sending kids to school I have more to say but can’t !!

7 meses atrás

How sick! Who would ever kidnap a boy? Sicko. Basic LGBTQ+BLTNOMAYO kinda guy.😎

The Truth
7 meses atrás

Agree on the rough looking businesses they're usually the best expecally restaurants Great joke serial killer 🤣

The Truth
7 meses atrás

Unfortunately we live in a world know where Evil is good & Good is evil

The Truth
7 meses atrás

That is a nice memorial

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