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Uber CEO Khosrowshahi on Results, Lyft Competition

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi discusses investor reaction to the company’s quarterly results, competing with Lyft and Uber’s strategy going forward. Speaking on “Bloomberg Markets: European Close,” Khosrowshahi says he is confident demand will come back as the U.S. emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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jaybonybisquit Gaming
9 horas atrás

Love how they talk like the reinvented the wheel or some shit. Sorry to tell you Dara but we been share riding for many years before Uber and will continue to as we watch Uber fall!! Uber is not independent drivers. You work so Uber can take money from you. Remember it's not illegal to pay a friend to give you a ride. You don't need no license or permit to give a friend or anyone for that matter a ride and yes he or she can " throw in on gas". If you work for Uber why don't you quit and let all your friends know you give rides and you're cheaper than Uber of lift. Work from your Facebook or Facebook live. Why should these corporate assholes get a peice of your pie when you're doing ALL the work and they do nothing but steal your money!! My buddy made $800. Last week giving rides and he works for himself! He keeps all his money and Uber steals nothing from him!

jaybonybisquit Gaming
9 horas atrás

Dara is a peice of trash! The company doesn't know anything about the ride share business. All they know is numbers! They have no idea what goes on in the cars or how the day to day works! Uber should be black balled for the way they steal from their drivers like taking a portion of clean up fees when they have no claim to these fees or the " Customer is always right and never lie on the driver's". Uber ceo is a butt munching moron who hasn't a clue! Stop using Uber people!

14 horas atrás

Free Cash Flow On the Expense of Driver And Riders.

Birgit Ott
15 horas atrás

UBER drop a lot the money for Uber driver, for long rides when gas price grow up crazy! No way still driving for Uber…i Stop driving after 2 years constanly driving whole pandemic. Over 1800 trips with my 4.99 Rating in NewOrleans la. I had a great Time and fun, but now need Stop, to less money and to high gas price.

18 horas atrás

DARA is a joke he’s only coming out every time stocks are down to convince investors but this time no one will buy his lies Mistreating drivers and riders the company is going no where this company needs new CEO

Marcus Briseno
20 horas atrás

Uber is stupid if they ever accept crypto, and the same goes for Lyft. Cash is already being given electronically, which is less expensive than mining coins.

Marcus Briseno
20 horas atrás

Lyft is not that behind Uber, and they don't even do food delivery 🤣. All they do is ride-sharing. It says a lot about that company. Now imagine if they did food delivery here in the USA too.

brazilian wax
1 dia atrás

Too much of incentives to riders instead of drivers this is a bullshit company

The Eumelanin Warrior
1 dia atrás

This is what happens when you under pay drivers, over charge riders & refuse to address the safety issues with the uber app. What's the point of doing background checks on drivers if passengers don't have to submit a state issued ID to verify their real identity?

Raad Sourchi
2 dias atrás

You need to bring me back to driver. You deactivated my account for fake comments from customers in Ottawa Canada. Please reactivate my account.

Sebastian O
3 dias atrás

What a 🤡 THIS company needs Elon.

Travis Hayward
4 dias atrás

Let's get Travis back at Uber 😁😁😁

Dietmar Stahl
4 dias atrás

He wants to run a old school business where he tell drivers what to do and that is exactly NOT how ride-sharing works. The driver picks the rides that make money. He wants to punish drivers on every trip and send them where they don't make money completely misunderstanding and defeat ride-sharing at each and every point..Go back to engineering.

Dietmar Stahl
4 dias atrás

There is no competition. Uber and Lyft using the same computer system..He don't know anything about ride-sharing. He don't even have a business degree. He is an on training Analyst and that's how he talks. But he don't know business. Everything he does is illegal. Illegal pay, illegal and intentional retaliation against drivers on every trip. Their system try anything to find out what the driver hates most and rubb it the driver under on each and every trip. It's just a sick perverted working conditions. he wants to run a business, tell drivers what to do and that is exactly not how ride-sharing works.
Independent ride sharing works the driver picks the rides that make money.

4 dias atrás

uber is a scam

Luca Gheorghe
4 dias atrás

Can you make a video explaining how beginners can make huge profit within a short period of time? I mean i was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $880,000 within 4months of investing $150,000 i just need to know how

bardia mousapour
4 dias atrás

This MF deactivated my account and didn’t give me a reason.F Uber

4 dias atrás

Uber XRP

Remi Stardust
4 dias atrás

Terrible business. It's made insiders very wealthy (stock options!), but it's not a business model likely to generate profits.

4 dias atrás


hobo highway
4 dias atrás

They have a soy boy running it maybe that's why

hobo highway
4 dias atrás

Their stock is failing because they are a lazy company. They won't even let me deliver food on my bicycle in 3 of the biggest cities in the area. They say they don't need any more. That's funny because i could be making them money rn

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