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Uber And Lyft FAKE COLLABORATION Trying To Scam Drivers

Uber And Lyft FAKE COLLABORATION Trying To Scam Drivers. A new version of the fake support scam is starting to make its rounds and it’s designed to get much more information about you. BE CAREFUL!

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Jeffrey Bailess
6 meses atrás

I like it when someone calls and tries to fool me with the Uber support scam. They tell me to cancel the ride, which I never do. They want to confirm my phone number, which I never give out. I wait for them to cancel or I cancel the ride when they don't show up, then I get the cancelation fee. I was calling the real Uber customer support to let them know what the last "passenger" tried to do, but I don't think they ever understand what happened. I probably won't let Uber know in the future, because I don't think it will do any good.

But hooray for my side! I've collected three cancelation fees so far.

Steve Horvath
6 meses atrás

I don’t answer the phone while I drive.

6 meses atrás

My response…sounds good to me. And since you're collaborating with Lyft you should be able to get all the required documents directly from Lyft.

6 meses atrás

Language in the texts always gives it away. For example the word "wanna" lol, come on. I see that and I wouldn't even bother asking a community.

The Partime Gigster
6 meses atrás

I hope everyone is this smart and asks other people first before falling for this scam.

Isaac Pritom
6 meses atrás

Scammers!! How do we know if that’s not their” project? Just a theory

Idreamof Fairrideshare
6 meses atrás

That is a new one. Great video Chris 👍

Ermias Mulleta
6 meses atrás

Thank you!

Rideshare Lisa
6 meses atrás

They know we are on to the other scam and they are on to new stuff. Thanks for making us aware of this!

Roy Flores
6 meses atrás

Yes, someone called me with that same request from uber. They wanted my sell number so they could send me a message to further give me more info. I kept telling him they already have my number and that maybe he should tell me my number so I can verify it. He kept avoiding my question then finally I told him I knew he was trying to scam me then he hung up.

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