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The FLYING electric taxi that costs as much as an Uber! Vertical VX4 eVTOL

Ten years ago flying taxis would have been the stuff of science fiction. Today we inch closer to seeing flying taxis become an affordable reality. Robert joined the Vertical Aerospace team for a world first close inspection of the VX4 EVTOL and to find out how soon we’ll be able to fly in one!

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Eric Rouvière
7 meses atrás

But what are the risks flying at that height with birds? As not “controlled” airspace as near airports… 🤔🤔

XOP Capital
7 meses atrás

The Black Fly by Opener looks cooler and actually flies.

S J 2
7 meses atrás

Interesting. I wonder if they'd be interested in coming to the US.

James Smart
7 meses atrás

If I could get in one of these to get to an airport to go on holiday without the hassle of driving there or getting a train especially with 2 kids I'd happily have that come pick me up from the big field near me.

7 meses atrás

So, what are the emergency procedures for a motor-out?

7 meses atrás

Just make one for Microsoft Flight Simulator 🙌🏼

Dave S
7 meses atrás

Great British engineering work. But seriously canary warf to Heathrow means Marketting to the fat cats from the city😜. But great knowing energy density is within this companies control to succeed or fail with. Hopefully their batteries patents are solid state which has real potential?

7 meses atrás

MOther OF GOD…..
We are in the Future

Steve the Windsurfer
7 meses atrás

I don't want these verticals to fly over my house and garden.

Shoeless Joe
7 meses atrás

Great episode. There's so many eVTOL companies out there now. Would love to see you do more videos with companies like Lilium, Joby, Archer, E-Hang, Wisk.

Rob Atkinson
7 meses atrás

Cool project. Hopefully we will see it flying soon, once the testing phase is complete.

Dominador Chan
7 meses atrás

This isn't new. Matter of fact Osprey and Bell already have already fully operational 
flying vehicles based on same concept. The only difference is that VX4 is electric.

My Opinion Doesn't Matter
7 meses atrás


Tony Blighe
7 meses atrás

4:26 hate to be picky but she is referring to specific energy, i.e. energy per kg not energy density, which is energy per litre.

Is she dumbing down or just doesn't understand the difference? Not a good look either way.

Maybe I'm being unfair and she just misspoke.

7 meses atrás

So this is more efficient than a gyroplane? I'm not referring to the 1 or 2 seat ones of today, but the large taxi gyroplane UK was working back in (I think) the 60s. Seems a lot simpler and probably more reliable to use a gyro.

Isaac Hiew
7 meses atrás

try Lilium

Fergus Walker
7 meses atrás

Definitely more of a pathfinder project for Rolls Royce etc rather than a serious ambition to have flying taxis for the masses. As they said later on, they're developing the same technology that will hopefully make it into commercial passenger aircraft to decarbonise short and medium haul flying

7 meses atrás

These are so loud its never happening… good engineering after bad ideas.

Al Ryzy
7 meses atrás

Very exciting! However, I would special order anti-static head rests.

j c
7 meses atrás

Joby Aviation is one of the best companies in this business.

Muru Roa
7 meses atrás

Most people can be trusted with cars, so surely they can be trusted with helicopters… riiiight? 😉

Jack Regan
7 meses atrás

Oh wow!! This is just outstanding!

The Why Guy
7 meses atrás

Equally an honor to watch this as it was for you to produce it. thank you… yes, this is exciting.

Mark Fernandes
7 meses atrás

Vapourware much?

7 meses atrás

So there have been massive attempts at helicopter taxis, VTOL and even a helicopter airline since the 60’s.

100% failed. This is just a way to scam loose investors out of high risk funds. Listen to the echo in the cabin of the fake demo model, now add the noise of 8 rotors.

Charlie Wolf
7 meses atrás

So, this is just vapourware and as mentioned, the technology components are yet to be developed. Lets though say that the technology components (battery, motors, structure, screws ect) are developed, how capable is the passive aircraft in the event of complete power loss emergency, ie can the aircraft glide like fixed wing or autorotate like a rotorcraft?

7 meses atrás

Fabulous. Bring on the future!

7 meses atrás

When Robert can sit in this and go from London to Cambridge and back then I’ll take more notice. But more power to these guys. It will never be a everybody taxi let’s be honest for decades. But Glasgow to Edinburgh I’d buy a ticket 😁👍 The designs are there all we need is a eureka moment in power storage. The sky with what I’d call “ Whiskers” whisking people almost silently from point to point a future shown in so many sci-fi movies a step closer to reality.

ken pen
7 meses atrás

Well done done Robert, this is a significant nod to you, your channel, and team, what a wonderful privilege, where in perhaps the good old days the BBC Click would of got the first intro. The video quality is so top of the league, and that many top production people will be very envious of you achievements here.

The machine itself on the surface looks like many of the other VTA, but this one came up with some surprising engineering solutions, and I can tell that there might be only 4 motors housed in each of those cowlings and each one drives those blades. The rear blades are only used for vertical take off as they are fixed in an upright position. The front blades are too small to have a motor mounted in them, so I am guessing some linkages are used to enable the front blade to change position from upwards to forwards. I am also guessing the battery cells are inside the wings as each wing is only going to last ten years for each purchaser, so why make a battery pack!

Its an interesting design and I am going to look forward to that video of you being taken from one of your venues to home and back again.

james phillips
7 meses atrás

4:50 "All of our battery battery technology is proprietary; it's not bought off the shelf. … [declines to name the battery chemistry]". WTF?

Edit: Since the thing is apparently not flying yet, I suspect they are banking on solid state batteries maturing enough for use.

James Seward-Prior
7 meses atrás

Skipped over the $2.2bn valuation part, which would address a lot of the pie in the sky comments from posters 🙂

1,000 preorders from American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic too.

7 meses atrás

That rear propellers when 'parked' might disturb the overall aero flow. I'm guessing.

7 meses atrás

Looks like one of the engineering challenges will be to reduce Static buildup.
Will be a great transport on fixed routes, but Range Anxiety will take on a whole new meaning at 10,000 feet.

Mark McCombs
7 meses atrás

Year 2073. Father: "I remember when those things used to have a pilot flying them." Son: Really? Every one of them?" Father: Yup. And you could only fit 4 people and couple bags on each flight. Didn't go very far either."

7 meses atrás

Wait till the neighbours complain Robert.

Stephen Brickwood
7 meses atrás

California-based eVTOL startup Kitty Hawk Heavyside similar

Simon Pannett
7 meses atrás

Wonder what battery chemistry they use? LFP, Sodium ion?? 100 miles range with battery swapping could get this around to many places!! EVtols very exciting! ROBOEVTOLS!!!!

Ian Rubenstein
7 meses atrás

Revolutionary? Nothing like it? Really? What about Lilium?

Chris Purnell
7 meses atrás

Fantastic stuff guys

Barry Doyle
7 meses atrás

As usual not remotely sustainable at all. Full Charged Is A Scam

Mister Wiggly
7 meses atrás

an uber for the people with very deep pockets.

Obi Van Keno
7 meses atrás

Still Lithium Ion batteries are heavy and weak induring flight.

7 meses atrás

So long as they need a pilot and that associated highly skilled job, you will never have Uber prices. Let alone the probably huge cost of the aircraft itself. This will just take the place of private jets and helicopters for the very rich. Happy for that sector to go electric, but it’s like the stupidly high priced EVs that are available at the moment. At current prices none of these things will move the needle.

7 meses atrás

Seems like another hopeful startup that has yet to make the transition from concept and prototype to manufacturing and logistics. If we have so much trouble today coordinating cars on a road, I find it unlikely that we're going to see hundreds (or thousands) of these flying around enough to pick me up at my home. Self-driving-car automated Uber seems way more realistic. An you must be joking about this competing with Uber on a cost level. It's a multi-million dollar vehicle that holds a handful of people.

Peter Brook
7 meses atrás

Robert you deserve an award for your unending enthusiasm for ways in which we can stop burning stuff 👍

Gary McRae
7 meses atrás

Hey Vertical!! Please, please, please release a MSFS2020 SIM version. What a blast it would be.

Ms. Erania
7 meses atrás

Why don't you pump helium into the wings ?

chris heath
7 meses atrás

That's an amazing machine. As an ex-engineer, though, this is clearly a massively expensive project. Carbon fibre -expensive, but necessary. Specialised batteries ? Rotating props? I wish them well. This may be a taxi for wealthy tourists, and that's OK. But the investment required is mind boggling…

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