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The Battle Cats – All Uber Rare Cats True Form #6 (FINAL)

Fixed: Gravolodon also has Wave Immune (I forgot to add that)

**All stats in the video is Lv50 No Talented Uber**
I use Lv50 stats because all Ubers in this video is Lv50 (except for Gigavolta Lv50(+1)) and all of them has no talented upgrade at all.

**Recommendation Score located at the end of each footage**
About recommendation ranking, I already adjust it with some people in Fandom server (mostly with finn) to double-check to make it as accurate as possible for others.

0:00 Intro

0:10 Lasvoss Reborn
TF Improvement: 2x HP / 1.5x ATK / Improve Strengthen (Active at 30% instead of 1%) / Toxic Immune / Surge Immune
You can’t ignore the fact that this beast has the HIGHEST raw damage in the game and the only unit that immune to EVERYTHING (Weaken/Freeze/Slow/Knockback/Wave/Surge/Warp/Curse/Toxic). It also easy to use and help a lot in UL. The only down side is its range which is acceptable. It has super expensive cost of TF but it worth for the improvement it got.

1:30 Divine Myrcia
TF Improvement: 2x HP
This unit is absolutely GARBAGE even with double HP! Myrcia is the only unit that I struggle to find the stage to test her. Even in NRF, she is bad. Her 2nd attack is main damage and it usually miss. Her dodge isn’t reliable at all.

2:50 God-Emperor Gladios
TF Improvement: 1.5x HP / +50% Slow & KB Chance (100%)
Just like other Dragon Emperor, it’s decent Uber. With Traitless target, Gladios can help you in most of Crazed/Manic stage.

4:10 Kinrangers GigaForce
TF Improvement: +28% HP / +10% ATK / 50% Curse 4s
This unit is one of the BEST sniper unit in the game. Wide AoE, high standard range, low blindspot, good proc, and Savage Blow satisfaction. The only down side is its uncontrollable movement speed.

5:30 Bad Blaster Saki
TF Improvement: Gain Relic Target / Curse Immune
Similar to Kinrangers but focus on damage. However, she has “Target Only” which drop her potential a lot. Target Only and LD is also really bad combination. She also has wide blindspot. But with Relic trait, she can still annihilate Lowkey, Othom, Loris, or even Puffington.

6:50 Gigavolta
TF Improvement: +23% HP / +35% ATK / +0.67s Freeze Duration
Gigavolta is one of the best Crowd-Controller in the game. Its TF increase freeze duration which make it a lot easier to desync and perma-freeze alien enemy. If you have Volta, it mostly guarantee you to clear Itf 1-3.

8:10 Gravolodon
TF Improvement: +24% HP / +28% ATK / Improve Wave (Lv3 to Lv4)
Gravolodon considered as the BEST Barrier Breaker unit in the game due to its Wave Lv4. It has nearly 1 MILLION HP against Alien at Lv50 so it tanky af. Gravolodon wave damage is beyond Slime so it is also good in Generalist usage. It’s no doubt the best Pixie in the game (even surpass Lumina).

9:30 Jester Queen Deale
TF Improvement: 2.07s Faster ATK Rate
Deale TF increase attack rate which also increase her DPS. Deale proc rate is super insane. However, the proc is knockback which is…not that good so 5/10 is good for her.

10:50 Opulent Verbena
TF Improvement: +26.66% HP / +10% Critical Chance (25%)
We all know how bad Verbena is. Her crit damage is unreliable due to the multi-hits with different damage. Don’t even think about using her as generalist…

12:10 Pai-Pai DX
TF Improvement: Insane Resist / 2.07s Faster ATK Rate
As we all known, Pai-Pai annihilate all Red Stages. Her TF improve her toughness and DPS which make her even more OP. Out of niche, she is still good Uber so I’ll leave her at 7/10.

13:30 Flight Unit R.E.I.
TF Improvement: Insane Resist / 2.4s Faster ATK Rate
Similar to Pai-Pai but higher survivability because of KB times. However, R.E.I. has lower rank than Pai-Pai because of her trait target and range.

14:50 Sacred Blade Sakura
TF Improvement: Insane Resist / Cat Combo
TF increase her toughness against Metal which is… not that effective tbh. Sakura TF gain unique combo that increase crit chance by 1%. Out of her niche, she is still good Uber so I’ll rank her same as R.E.I.

16:10 Sukelan Kakulan
TF Improvement: 1.5x HP / Surge Immune / +1s Curse Duration
The Legend in flesh, The Leader of Mankind, The Sage of Wisdom, nothing can surpass this God Being.

Joke aside, It just a bad uber. PONOS add Surge Immune to it… why? HP improvement, why? At least, it still has good range and damage tho. Sukelan should be around 4/10 but since its TF require Gold Catfruit Seed which is unfarmable material so I’ll give 3/10 as a final score.

18:22 Final Footage of TF Uber

20:28 Outro

Song List
Cafe de Touhou – Seaside
PeriTune – Dramatic4
Crash Fever – REVELATION
MHGU – Deviant Theme
MH Rise – Flooded Forest Theme
SSBU – Crocodile Cacophony
MHGU – Zinogre Theme
MH World – Rajang Theme
Deltarune – The World Revolving
PeriTune – Undertaker
MHFG – Laviente Theme (Phase 2)
Terraria Calamity Mod – Universal Collapse
PeriTune – Sakuya3
Battle Cats – Annihilation City BGM2
Battle Cats – Ending Theme


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ShinSek Makasu
7 meses atrás

I'm glad someone, and from your class, is valuing Gravi. On the other hand the best Barrier Breaker is Blanka

7 meses atrás

Calamity music 😀

Саня Кравченко

Honestly, I didn't expect to hear Jevil' s theme at Deale's part…
Well, you already put Pandora Palace over wilderness stages, so…

Alan Lai
7 meses atrás

It's crazy how it's been 5+ years since I've started watching your videos. I really liked one of your most popular videos about the Assasin bear. Sorry if it's inconvenient to say or if you said it before in a video(because I haven't watched your videos for around 3 years before now), but how are you doing in life? How is your family? Do you have a gf(Feel free to skip this one)? Always loved your videos. <3 man

alessandro un tizzio
7 meses atrás

Sad 🙁

7 meses atrás

Chillhola is a Thai person

Pipe cleaner Master
7 meses atrás

What’s the song at 11:30

True Kyosaka Nanaho
7 meses atrás

I Have These True Forms In The Video:
Lasvoss Reborn
Kinrangers GigaForce
Pai-Pai DX
Sacred Blade Sakura

Chillhola's cousin
7 meses atrás

still waiting for lil valkyrie cat TF o_o

7 meses atrás


Read more

Drago Sojka
7 meses atrás

Why final? 🙁

The Basic Cat
7 meses atrás

me 1000 likes

7 meses atrás

the lasvoss is so strong 🙂

Afnur 0508
7 meses atrás

Now that you think that the series ends PONOS add 2 biilions of uber true formas xd

7 meses atrás

How did you actually make papaluga look like an amazing uber with this footage

Nyanko Waifu Emma
7 meses atrás

finally chillhola uploaded the last tf video after 5 yrs…..

never gonna give you ubers
never gonna let you true form
never gonna run around and dessert you

7 meses atrás

Give papalan some credits, he the only Luga that looks happy

Catalin Alistar
7 meses atrás

Would gladios help against manic island ?

Battle cat lee
7 meses atrás

man u could trick people into thinking papaluga is good

Shockwave Demon
7 meses atrás

I am loving using Gravolodon in Floor 43

Shockwave Demon
7 meses atrás

Kinrangers is also a general LD Attacker aside from being Anti Angel CC

Emilio tanadi
7 meses atrás

This series will return in a year or two(due to gold catfruit seed uber overload) yay for content but boo for gameplay TwT

Bry Tuala
7 meses atrás

So a monster hunter fan huh, id recognize those themes anywhere haha

7 meses atrás

finn took my quote >:(

also now you have sakura tf… do mtd sakura crit only no other metal ccs no other ubers 🙂

7 meses atrás

7:00 their attack animation literally fits the bg

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