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Rockport Beach Drive Uber Horror Tales Dolphin Search

Hey guys. I have been living full-time in my F150 for over three years. Sleeping in my truck and enjoying whatever area I am at that day!

It’s a sunny warm windy day at Rockport Beach. Thought I would do a little chat and drive.

All music and clips used by permission through my paid subscription to Videoshop.

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Olene Hagan
7 meses atrás

Wow, the wind there is something else! I saw that dolphin! I'm slippery when what! Enjoyed the dolphin watch!

Marilyn Scull
7 meses atrás

Awesome video Dennis

Mike B
7 meses atrás


George Mata
7 meses atrás

Good afternoon ,Dennis.! I am a loyal viewer of your channel. I enjoy it every day.! Keep up the good work.!
I'll look out for you when I come down your way from San Antonio Texas..

7 meses atrás

🤣🤣Louise was awesome. Looking forward to dolphin watching with the kids

Debra Meyer
7 meses atrás

We had that wind here in the desert two days back. It's a problem here because when the dust gets so terrible the spores that carry Valley Fever get stirred up. Our last dog had to be on medications for years when he caught Valley Fever and the current dog likes to dig in the dirt, then lie in it. I forgot that Johnny Depp was in Gilbert Grape. It was Leo DeCaprio's performance that mesmerized me.

Rideshare and beyond
7 meses atrás

I seen a dolphin right after you said that we might see one and you can’t see him it was that time in 1021 of the video

Living Like Larry
7 meses atrás

Good afternoon Dennis! I'm sure gonna miss Johnny as a pirate. That movie franchise will not be the same. I've had pretty good Uber drivers, I've had scary taxi drivers. Have a great day and maybe it will calm down soon so you can find some Dolphins.

7 meses atrás

Someone really, truly needs to rename that game!! "Edward Scissorhands" is one of my favorite Depp movies. How did someone as seemingly bright as Johnny Depp end up married to an obvious psychopath??😎

Benita L Paxton
7 meses atrás

Howdy ✌🙋‍♀️

C.M. Deosdade
7 meses atrás

FYI…I use Refresh Tears for my dry eyes and when it gets dusty here in SATX…like it is today. We have high humidity, but like in Rockport, the wind is blowing strong. They say we have gusts up to 30 MPH. I did get some great screen shots off this video. Thanks! Chuck & Gloria

John Jolly
7 meses atrás

Hey Dennis, is it that windy down there year round?

Raccoon Little bear
7 meses atrás

Good morning Dennis. I hope the wind "chills" out for you. The bay was really choppy.🌊🐬🌊 So Johnny Depp is human, who knew? I still have to see that "Gilbert Grape" movie. Safe travels my friend.🙏

Jamie Makin
7 meses atrás

Good morning Dennis! It is indeed weird to see the water looking like that on a sunny day. That's more what I'd expect as a hurricane approaches shore. I spotted a dolphin at 10:22 just after you said you were having trouble spotting them lol. That would be my luck too! I'm heading out on my eBike after I finish my coffee for my first ride of the year. Hope you've got something fun planned for this Sunday as well.

RVing Sooz
7 meses atrás

Ya, I saw a couple of dolphins, you must have been looking the other way when they surfaced. Have a nice day.

RVing Sooz
7 meses atrás

Ya, I saw a couple of dolphins, you must have been looking the other way when they surfaced. Have a nice day.

Texas Lady
7 meses atrás

I Did see a Dolphin right about minute 10:22 🙂 Yay. Thanks Dennis, Happy Sunday.

7 meses atrás

Goodmorning dolphin watching Dennis! Isnt that the truth…just wash your vehicle and shazam you get rain. Have you ever been to a sun dance? I haven't. Just curious. So, the Depp thing. Ive seen the clip at the children's hospital…was adorable👍🏾Ive seen small snippets of him on witness stand and his team did amazing job prepping him. I too kept thinking other lawyer being shredded. Ahhhhh, I thought I saw one for a quick second the first time near the green pole. It was a minute or so before you said you saw it there but mayb I just wanted to see it😁Either way, the sounds and visuals are soothing. I too felt like I was being rocked to sleep. Hope your eye gets better. Also hope people you drive make it worth your while in light of high fuel cost. Thanks for another fun, interesting and beautiful ride brother🌻🌻🌻

7 meses atrás

Amazing content in your channel, Grateful to watch your precious video, Your channel running in the right direction to the goal, keep going. Best wishes,

As a NEW stay connected please

Peggy's Corner
7 meses atrás

Morning Dennis. Hope your having a great day. I made a get up challenge video. Funny dance. Definitely not my norm. Lol

R.V. Living with the Geezer

I saw one right around the 10:22 just to the left of the metal rail. Devil's blanket that's a good one.

Thelma Hutson
7 meses atrás

Good morning Dennis!! You are doing pretty good filming with bad eyes, hope you got the sand out of them my friend. That water looks like someone is running a mixer in it. That was so sweet of you to be wirried about tge seagulls. I hope your day will be spectacular my friend

Mike M
7 meses atrás

Dolphin at 10:20……I'm not being critical Dennis, just excited that an old guy like me saw something…of course,.I have a slight advantage, sitting in my recliner drinking coffee, …..and Gilbert Grape was an excellent movie!

Everything Shakes Support
7 meses atrás

Good morning Dennis! I hope you have a blessed day my friend 😎

Flowerfolk Farm
7 meses atrás

Good evening to ya Dennis!! Oh gosh you’re into the 80 degree days now!! That was a really great ride along!!
I have been watching the Johnny & amber court drama here and it is quite bizarre and sad….. I have to say tho they had the cutest dogs!!! I think they were like silky terriers or something. Gilbert Grape is probably one of my favs too but I LOVE the story of Edward scissorhands……I think he’s just perfect to play the role of Jack Sparrow, he does it so well 😅
I gotta tell ya I would not hop into an Uber or a taxi by myself, I have heard too many horror stories of things going pear shaped…..
That wind sure is bad there my friend, look at the choppy water! Hope your eyes are ok and that wind nicks off soon!! 🇦🇺 🇺🇸 💐🌻♥️

Gary Bragg
7 meses atrás

There was a dolphin, just as you were showing your safety sticker. Right on cue.

Kimberley Burdick
7 meses atrás

Good morning! 😊
Watched 2 ads for ya 🙂
Hope your day is a very peaceful one 🐬🐚

Naura Guitar Channel
7 meses atrás

Awesome 👍😎

Cooking with Anne Hugo
7 meses atrás

Nice beach view, the water looks calm even a little bit windy , thanks for the virtual tour my friend

Julie Smyth
7 meses atrás

Good morning Dennis. Extremely windy here past few days, with an icy wind that would take your skin off. Love that video, so peaceful there.. take care and have a lovely day..☘️😁🌀🌀🌪️

Ralph P
7 meses atrás

Morning Dennis!! We get plenty of days of the devils blanket. Being between two large bodies of water !!!! That is a good saying!!! What’s eating Gilbert grape is one of my favorites as well!!! Thanks for sharing Dennis!!👍

Ronald Beach
7 meses atrás

Morning Dennis have a great day

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