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River Runner 200 Mk.IIB | Aurora Clipper | Uber Boat by Thames Clippers | South Bank | 14/04/22

Having joined Thames Clippers in 2008, Aurora can usually be found operating the RB1 service. She is one of 9 River Runner family of vessels operating for the company and one of 6 in the ‘Typhoon Class’ of vessel. A Thames Rockets rib is also seen passing.

I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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Gábor Andrejszki
3 meses atrás

Nice boat!

3 meses atrás

cool 👍

Mukesh RF
3 meses atrás

I am new friend from India nice super video 👌👌🚅

Pakistan Railways: My Love

Excellent catch

3 meses atrás

Great video-

Ash Aviation™️
3 meses atrás

Wow, congratulations on 700 subs! Keep up your awesome work! And another epic video!! 💯💯💯🙂

My subs are currently glitching, however I’m sure I may have a lot of them. They tend to drop for unknown reasons. I wonder, if you have dealt with the same problem.


Gigena Rosario - TRENES
3 meses atrás


Railway Honza
3 meses atrás

Good video did you see the diesel locos at the diesel gala today?

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