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My First Day With Uber Eats Plus Card! Is It Worth It?

After waiting for my Uber Eats Plus card to be delivered for over a month, I finally received it. The first thing I wanted to do was go out and see if accepting Plus card orders were worth my time. After activating the card and starting my shift, I realized I was now available for quite a few more orders than before. There were several restaurants in my area that I never would have guessed were only available through using the Uber Eats order and pay system. I was pleased to receive more offers on my screen, even though most of the orders would have been too far to drive for this shift.

I also noticed the payouts for Plus card orders were significantly higher than regular orders. I don’t believe I received one Plus card order that I would consider to be a lowball offer. I believe this is Uber Eats way of making the wait worth it for the driver. As you may expect, having to order the food from a non-fast food restaurant could leave you sitting in the waiting area for far longer than you may like. There are positives and negatives about completing Plus card orders, but at least in my first experience, I was happy to receive an increase of orders to my phone even if I didn’t necessarily want to accept most of the offers.

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Prince of darkness
1 mês atrás

He’s handsome!!!

Sandra Guzman
1 mês atrás

How do you multi app? Doesn’t it get difficult or confusing?

Dr koko
1 mês atrás

would i have to collect $$ from the customer after paying for them, just subscribed, thank u. I been doing ubereats for 3 weeks now without the plus card, I've also applied for doordash a week ago, background check is taking for ever though

Jonathan Lay
1 mês atrás

Is this new? I have been an Uber Eats driver for 3 year now and never heard of it. Sorry if this has been asked before 🙂

joey kertesz
1 mês atrás

I tried the plus card awhile ago but every time I tried to pay my card got declined because the GPS has to show you're exactly at the restaurant and sometimes it's off, to much of a hassle but maybe I'll try again, they might have gotten the bugs worked out

Side Gig Life
1 mês atrás

Nice video man, I recently got the plus card too but haven’t gotten an order for it yet. Hopefully it will happen soon

Santos Rulaye
1 mês atrás

What are the requirements to get Uber eats plus cards?

1 mês atrás

Great job..keep up the good work

Gully LV
1 mês atrás

Thank you for the info just ordered my plus card didn't even know about that.

Namal TV Different Vlogs
1 mês atrás

how are you brother

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