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Man charged with raping female Uber driver in Chattanooga. Uber is failing female drivers

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Tee Cee
4 meses atrás

Don't blame Uber, blame the south

4 meses atrás

I contacted them a few months ago because a ride I took was not showing up in the app. When I called I asked them to confirm that it’s possible for there to be absolutely NO record of this ride anywhere. I told them that that it scared me because that means I could simply disappear or worse, have to go through what this woman went through. They would not confirm. But drivers and riders should be aware of this. This is the only “tech” company that doesn’t know how to use f ing basic tech. CONCLUSION=they don’t care if drivers get hurt.

Sun Rise 45
4 meses atrás

I always say this job is dangerous.

Vegan Gem
4 meses atrás

I usually drive at night. I know this is not the ideal but its when there is the most money. I have had countless college girls tell me they are SO GLAD to be picked up by a female! If uber allowed women to CHOOSE female drivers, then it would be best. there are many gentlemen out there, no doubt. Most of the men I give rides to are good people and would not do this crime. But late night when girls are drunk, and not wearing a lot of clothes, its scary for them to get into cars of men they dont know. I would prefer to pick up female passengers at night.

Chuck Driver
4 meses atrás

Please, all Uber drivers, male or female, follow this Golden Rule: Never, ever pick up a belligerent drunk passenger without a soberish friend to escort them. Is your passenger drunk and can’t hold a conversation? No ride, no exception! Please stay safe out there everyone!

How to Handle Angry Drunk Uber Passengers | Chuck Stories Ep5

William Martinez
4 meses atrás

They are back on the platform the very next day. I’ll be dipped in shit!! You mean they don’t get arrested for doing this type of shit? This should be years in prison!!!!

Ryder Driver
4 meses atrás

I feel bad for the female driver. Rideshare companies need to do more to protect drivers. No more excuses! My heart goes out to her and pray for her healing.

Eric Hall
4 meses atrás

I drive for Lyft and used to do Uber, Uber and Lyft are the most dangerous jobs as far as Taxi or any job, period. And it doesn't have to be drunk/drug rider; the job is simply risky.

Monique Monique
4 meses atrás

Why is the lady speaking laughing this isn't funny…again ppl be safe get u a gun…i do DD and UE I'm NOT picking up ppl n my car…i rather have a food fight and i only say that BECAUSE I'm allergic to shellfish and get alot of orders for it…but nope not picking up ppl

Roli Chauhan
4 meses atrás

Horrifying!! We should be allowed to cancel rides without getting penalized. I have received repeated warning letters from Lyft telling me that if I cancel any more I will be deactivated. There should be no penalty for canceling for any reason. This is sad what happened to this driver. My heart goes out to her. 😢

Josephine Miller
4 meses atrás

Why is no one asking why the people living in that cul-de-sac didn’t call the cops after seeing the car parked there for that long? It’s not even parked next to a house. That’s enough to be suspicious. I would have gone out to see if everything was ok. And why didn’t the driver start honking her horn to attract attention??? Luckily in my car I have an SOS button up by the sunroof I can push for help and my car isn’t fancy! Or, hey didn’t she put the car in gear and speed off. Crash the car! That’ll bring cops a lot sooner because someone will report it. So much she could have done.

The other thing is that bars and places that serve alcohol should not be permitted to allow people to get that drunk. Yes, I said it. Come at me, I don’t really care. It’s my life and you want me to transport a drunk a$$ person who may do something like this to me?? What are you smoking?

4 meses atrás

The fact that people are still driving for Uber is beyond me, they treat drivers so bad and you guys keep on driving for Uber 🤷🏼‍♂️

4 meses atrás

My sister mentioned driving for uber, I told her to stick with her day job

Marco tropoja
4 meses atrás

Wtf is wrong with that lady that they interviewed giggling about the situation fkn weird 🤨🤬

Ryan Addy
4 meses atrás

That's very disturbing. How can that even be possible that they can't find the damn car with pinpoint accurate GPS . This isn't friggin 1980. Maybe this can be at the top the "bug report" issue

Gods Rabbit
4 meses atrás

An hour and a half

Arthur Chan
4 meses atrás

F#! Uber (Dara) should be include in the Lawsuit!

Kristina Gurgian
4 meses atrás

This is why I only drive AM even for any deliveries. At night its too sketchy and I trust NO ONE. Have a dash cam , carry a mace/pepper spray, knife , gun, tayzer and a first aid kit.

San Diego Rideshare Pro
4 meses atrás

We should be able to scan a drivers license or some type of verified information ID card, before a passenger enters your vehicle. 🤔

Raza Syed
4 meses atrás

Uber is shittest company on the face of Earth.

Plus, riders are the most cheapest, shittiest and filthiest you can find in this Universe.

Moe Yang
4 meses atrás

She should sue Uber because if driver rape passenger Uber or Lyft will pay millions of dollars to the passenger so they should do the same to the driver if he or she got raped or insulted by passenger sue Uber and or Lyft

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