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Lyft And Uber Support Scams Are Getting More Creative!

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Lyft And Uber Support Scams Are Getting More Creative! Every once in a while as a driver, you may encounter a scam that could put your earnings in jeopardy. This comes in various forms that involve a text message that tries to get the Uber driver or Lyft drivers login information. Join RSG contributor Chris as he shares some new Uber Scams and how not to get scammed as a driver. This video on Uber & Lyft has been produced by The Rideshare Guy.

0:00 Intro
0:30 How support scams work
The account suspension scam 3:03
The VIP customer scam 3:49
The bonuses scam 4:32
What we can do to stop these 5:17
Outro 6:37

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I’m Harry, the founder of The Rideshare Guy. I started driving for Uber and Lyft in 2015 and eventually quit my day job as an aerospace engineer to run The Rideshare Guy full time.

These days, I’m a trusted media expert on all things rideshare and have a number of contributors across the country who are all driving for Uber and Lyft and other gig companies like Instacart, Doordash, and Postmates.

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The Rideshare Guy
4 meses atrás

Sign up to drive with Uber now and start earning –

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Jesse Espinosa
1 mês atrás

This happened to me today except when they tried to add there bank information to my account…that’s when I knew this was a scam because they were trying to give me a $50 bonus.

LaShawnda Robinson
1 mês atrás

I was scammed as a passenger with Lyft. My card was added to accounts with the people named Euphoric, Dick, Him, and Amex. The rides were a total of over $1200 all back to back. One on the rides was over $400. Lyft is trying to say they are people I know. Who has the name Amex?? I don't know these people and the accounts are obviously fake. But the Lyft support team is too dumb to see this. I asked support for details on where the rides happened and to check what drivers are associated. Lyft has failed to be of any help to me so my bank can give me back my money. I'm so disappointed with Lyft. I used to be a driver for them but I'll never recommend anyone to them to be a passenger or driver. They have horrible support service.

Fred Bauer
2 meses atrás

This happened to me. I got stung once and cancelled the second time it happened. The first time I got taken for $1300. UBER was wonderful. They stood by me and replaced the funds. While at times I can be critical of UBER, I have to say that they were wonderful this time. Thank you.

3 meses atrás

I got that lol I laughed at them but I think it's inside job because I tried calling Uber while I have the trip and no one picks up they put the pick up at a place you can't get to or it's closed so you can't get the ride no show fee.

3 meses atrás

I got one of these a few years ago. Luckily because I had watched videos, and it seemed fishy, I called Uber support through the app and was told it was not real. It said it was an Uber VIP

Ronnie 62
4 meses atrás

Thank you

Kishore Kumar
4 meses atrás

I am New to uber ride was doing it for one week. I was driving uber in london ontario. The request came as Uber Vip and I gave my phone number and I lost the acct.

Scorpion777 Silvermoon
4 meses atrás

ThAnk you

Aimee Long
4 meses atrás

I got the voucher message, refused to transmit any info, reported this to Uber, they put my account on hold while they “investigated”. Missed a weekend driving

John Young
4 meses atrás

Great information!! Thanks.

Rideshare Trixter
4 meses atrás

LOL. A Dignatary or Important Person will have a Full Security Detail and Private Vehicles. Taking an Uber or Lyft would be Beneath Them.

Jamil Hassan
4 meses atrás

Fuckkk Uber. Love Lyft.

RP rp
4 meses atrás

Thank you for sharing, thank you!!!

Chuck White
4 meses atrás

Why would Lyft or Uber need get your account information? They already know it right? Think people!

Also, if they put their bank account in to steal your money, then doesn't that mean that it would be extremely easy to catch them? Each theft is considered.. theft (grand if over $600-1000) and two counts of wire fraud EACH occurrence. One for the phone and another for the bank transfer.

Christopher Chi
4 meses atrás

Here’s a way to scam a scammer, go to the location, keep your doors lock, and wait for the wait time to go to 0 and charge them the cancellation fee.

Donna Gokey
4 meses atrás

I've been with uber 6 yrs and this yr my case still pending after 7 was they have no clue how to adjust the problem . 7 weeks no work they don't really care after 10000 trips.

Masrur Niaz
4 meses atrás

thanks giving this info about scam we appreciate n thanks because it will save hard earnings of drivers۔ I work uber app on Tablot, recently i notice that there is no contact support phone # is shown my tablot app۔ can someone give the clue about this۔

Victor Delgado
4 meses atrás

Remember seeing this subject a couple years ago!!! It's a good refresher to look for!!
Thanks for the reminder!!!!!
Good training… victor

Wes Butler
4 meses atrás

It’s difficult enough to deal with real Uber support. I’ve been trying to get my for hire permit renewed in the Seattle area since May. They need to open the hubs back up.

Brian Shabel
4 meses atrás

They try to get you on the phone. Never send a rider your personal phone number.

They ask you to confirm a code that they "are sending you". In actuality, the code is generated when someone tries to access one of your accounts from an unknown source. If you give them the code, you are giving them access to everything in that account. On a driver account, that includes your pay. Anything not payed out they can take. Anything you want after that, if you don't get control of your accounts back, they can take.

They will go after your email as well. They will use readily available information to make you believe them. Then get more information from you as they gain access, to get even more information and your money.

Uber and lyft support can help a bit. Bit you are your first line of defense. Remember, uber and lyft are not trying to give away money. If it sounds to good to be true, it is. Only communicate with uber and lyft through the proper channels. Never through the rider communication. That is the biggest sign of a scam. The rider is not the company you work for.

I Wontbebeat
4 meses atrás

UBER's " your Background check is in still pending…" scam is very legit scam from UBER. 😆😭🤣

I Wontbebeat
4 meses atrás

Official Uber too they are scammers . What do you think UBER knows riders income levels and credit ?

I Wontbebeat
4 meses atrás

They all are Uber ex- employees. Being used then disposed by the Uber .So it is their revenge.

sniper king
4 meses atrás

Take the scammer from a long ride .don’t cancel on the scammers.make them pay for its.I do it’s all the time

SneakerPop Guy23
4 meses atrás

They called me 3 times last week and it’s funny cause I start arguing with the guy and the scammer calls me broke every time and he’s trying to scam me I don’t get it lol 😂

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