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How to get the BEST Orders! Uber Eats Driver Tips (this can also work on Door Dash)

Here’s what’s New on the Uber Eats ordering app. If you want to place your first order to see the whole customer side of the delivery you can use my code at checkout to save $7 eats-sarad16036ui

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Sick Leave & Income Protection for Drivers.. Kover will pay 80% of lost income and they will send a Legal Document to the Gig App if Deactivated to help get you Reactivated!!
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More Delivery Videos:
Customer Instructions
Tip Baited!-
Delivering to Karen!-
How-to Ubereats App-
How-to Doordash App-

Email- SaraDavie@yahoo

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8 dias atrás

I'm thinking about starting delivering food for Uber eats. Do they send you a bag to keep the food hot?

Monday Musa
9 dias atrás

Thanks to those who recommended me to Meshtoolz🪐com I really appreciate this dude for his good work.. .

K Star
10 dias atrás

Does anyone know if raisin canes is still on the apps?

Shar 1922
10 dias atrás


10 dias atrás

Wow that so smart. Thanks for the tip.

Fliitr3y Soc!alm3d!a
11 dias atrás

She very beautiful

Katherine Roman
11 dias atrás

I thought about you just now. So this just happened to me. I got a Party City Uber Eats order!!! It was balloons for a little girls party. Super cool thought I should share. Has anyone else done Party City??? Lol lol 😝

Bren Dykes
11 dias atrás

We don’t have Wawa here; I thought it is a convenience store. I would never order from the corner gas station. Now if there was a Bucee’s…

Dashing Grandpa
11 dias atrás

I've never ordered through UE or DD so thank you for the tips.

Rhonda Stuecker
11 dias atrás

Very smart info 🙂

Jamie Barker
11 dias atrás

I love the tip offer

Khalid Habib
12 dias atrás

Lovely 😍

Mexicanos en Hawaii
12 dias atrás

In Hawaii almost all orders are $10 to $15 and up

Gloria Shepherd
12 dias atrás

Thanks this video was VERY informative. Love your videos. 😍

Amanda B
12 dias atrás

Nice to see you! I missed your videos. Question about insurance. Does your insurance cover both UE and DD?

Eric Berry
12 dias atrás

LATELY uber eats has been giving me a low PAYING ORDER and then when I am.on the way to it oe at the pick up they would send me a high add on order. This has happened too often to just be oh this orderncame through going in the same direction.

steve hammond
12 dias atrás

Hey Lady , thanks for the info .

Miguel E Diaz
12 dias atrás

what I like from eats that they pay ur time and milage compared to the fix pay doordash gives anyways have a good day

Heather Christina
12 dias atrás

Thanks for sharing your tips!

Edward Walden
12 dias atrás

Great tip. Thanks

Just James
12 dias atrás

Yeah, I don't know if that suggested tip screen on your Uber Eats food order app is good for us drivers. Those tip percentages are way high for the service industry in general. Even at a restaurant, I will usually leave the normal 15% maybe 20% if the service is exceptional. This is because I have waited tables in fine dining on several occasions and the old saying goes "if you don't greet the customer and at least fill their water glass within two minutes of them sitting down…probably no tip" Uber Eats lowest option is 10% and Custom Tip seems like too much time and trouble. I'm not sure most customers are going to like this. I would have just put in like…2.50, 5.00, 7.50, 10.00, etc. options. And hard disagree about cherry picking. I'm at 95% AR on DD and getting more and better offers than ever before.

Gig Mom
12 dias atrás

I love your hair looks awesome!

Gig Mom
12 dias atrás

I always order from them, LOL! I pick up and deliver food all day long for other people, the last thing I wanna do is go get my own! Yeah I wish you had that driver shirt and tank top I would so buy it!

Ian Larry
12 dias atrás


Daryl Dettmer
12 dias atrás

how do you put money aside for taxes ?

Maverick 1
12 dias atrás

Damn Sarah I’m still waiting for u to do a livestream 🤬🤬🤬

Tyler Ney
12 dias atrás


فنون اللاندسكيب

Hi my dear sister have a nice time 🌹🌱🌴🌺💐🌷🌸

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