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How Does Wall Street Value Businesses? Uber vs. Doordash Case Study | Business Valuation

Have you ever wondered how wall street values different kinds of businesses? Today we take a look at that using an Uber vs. Doordash case study.

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Majed Moghadami
4 dias atrás

Hello, Chris. Another fantastic clip. I simply wanted to ask whether you teach the same topics in your "full fianceial analyst course"? The way you look at the market fascinates me.

Nabil Bengassem
7 dias atrás

Why the face 😂😂😂😂

8 dias atrás

20 minutes full of wisdom – great mix of theoretical knowledge and practical examples 👍👍👍 One of your best videos. Thank you, Chris

8 dias atrás

Hey chris can you make a video about this debt ceiling situation thanks for all your content.

Patel Vishal
8 dias atrás

Hi Chris,
Can u plz explain whole methodology of valuation of negetive earning company or new companies in market (small caps)? Thank you

Cuong Nguyen
8 dias atrás

Chris, Could you do a video when to sell stocks?

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