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First Day Trying Uber Eats | Ride Along | How Much I Made

First day delivering for Uber Eats — super quick video due to a lackkk of good orders, but I’m excited to incorporate this app while dashing from home 🔥

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2 dias atrás

Love this!!! Seeing you having fun with it is a must 😂😂😂

Stormi's Adventures
2 dias atrás

I found my favorite YouTuber yayy

2 dias atrás

whyd you delete my comments??

Emily C
3 dias atrás

My friends son made 250 using Uber eats in one night . Trying to figure out how lol

Simply Dahlia
5 dias atrás

Lmao that would b me

Dexter Allen
6 dias atrás

Ubereats where I'm from pays hell good

Arjay Ardanas
8 dias atrás

thanks for this Megan! I just put in my application for Uber Eat's so lets frickin go! Debating if I want to add the content on my channel LOL

Craig Williams
10 dias atrás

Uber Eats or Postmates?

Angela Kendricks
11 dias atrás

New subscriber!! You are so funny!!! My second video. You keep me laughing. Great video.

earth and water
15 dias atrás

I made $95 yesterday in just 3hrs in uber eat. I was lucky that day that people were ordering a whole lots of food.

15 dias atrás

She says he'll yah alot lol

Fuxk off😌
15 dias atrás

So would you recommend working for Ubereats? 👀 I want to do this once I get my license

Johnny Dylan
16 dias atrás

Funny how the apps are different in places and states. Here in N.Y. DoorDash is pretty much the Cheapest as far as driving. Most trips are for under $3, and I mean 8 out of 10 are passes and Uber is the best with an average of $8.50 a trip. SD I just don't even turn it on anymore even though I started with them first. Not even worth trying them anymore.

Robert Lucas
17 dias atrás

Very interesting video. I've only used Uber Eats once and it was sorta odd. It came from a McDonald's that was much farther away than the one closer to my place, maybe because it was 1030 at night? And the young man delivered the bag on a bicycle. I don't know if a bike is really a fair complaint, just that the bag looked a little beat up. I tipped him online up front and I'm always generous 'cause I know these guys and gals are working hard. After watching this, and getting a perspective from the other side, I think I'll give Doordash a shot next time. Nice video 👍🎧🐻

Brock Hankins
18 dias atrás

You got some balls strapping a gopro to your head, delivering to private places/people. But you got 70k views on this video and I don't.

Rixx Rideshare
18 dias atrás

Great job! I enjoyed watching this. I'll be starting soon with Uber Rideshare, as well as doing deliveries. But, my Hertz lease car won't be available until late next month. I'm looking forward to watching more of your videos. 👍🏻

Harry H
18 dias atrás

Don’t worry I did the same exact thing on my first delivery it was so funny because I didn’t know it either I still got a tip and actually got a good rating to

19 dias atrás

i want to try postmates but apparently there's too many people doing that already in my city 🙁

19 dias atrás

I never move unless I see $10 +. Plus I don't like going far unless it's a big restaurant double order cuz they usually increase tip. Some dirtbagz reduce tip so be beware. I taken over 8k trips n Uber is just eh. Not good or bad. Good if ya need a quick buck.

Lisa Doherty
20 dias atrás

That time/mile estimation seems wayyy off but maybe they’re including a food wait time?

Ehren Hahn
22 dias atrás

Why do you say postmates delivery??? Thought this was Uber Eats??

Louis Franco
23 dias atrás

Why you keep saying Postmates, it's Uber eats also a new order will pop up sometimes even when your not done dropping off a order…And once your done you'll get a notification about the times and it says to thank the customer And yes Uber eats base pay are smaller and sometimes you'll have to wait in car for a customer.

jigme dadul
23 dias atrás

Come to NY and see how much you make with all the traffic and the limited parking space…. it took me 10 minutes to find a parking to pick up one order and that did it for me…..UBER doesn't give a hoot…. and then on top of the insult to the injury they lure you to get the CARD to pay for the customer….

Gravity Slave
24 dias atrás

I found this video searching "Uber Eats Fails".

Henry Mejia
25 dias atrás

Yoo I notice you’re skipping the good times tho lol lunch and dinner, 10-1pm, 5-9pm is what seems to work for me $100+. Love you’re energy btw 😂 hell yeah

rafael Cruz
26 dias atrás

Fuccking awesome videos McDonalds take forever but great videos 💪🏼

Arron Bailey
26 dias atrás

Fellow Vegas resident. This was insightful and interesting! Keep it up! 👍

26 dias atrás

4:52 I have a post mates for her lol no it’s Uber !!! Lmao

Greg Kareem
27 dias atrás

Let's see if she responds 👀?

Elizabeth _
1 mês atrás

Oh my gosh I messed up with “start delivery” on my first run too! I was no where near the restaurant, the payout was supposed to be $21 included was an $11 tip. I didn’t get the tip 😜

Elizabeth _
1 mês atrás

In my first day delivering I made more in 4 deliveries than I would have with Waitr doing about 8 deliveries. I made $50 my first day for only about 4-5 hours of work, which I was satisfied with. I’m on day 3 now, hoping for a long full day so I can get some extra cash!

1 mês atrás

You curse alot! How can we enjoy it!

1 mês atrás

I just got laid off today and I’m here watching your video so what to expect, thank you!

Trinity Sullivan
1 mês atrás

Is it normal to not get delivery request for like 10-15 minutes at a time even when you’re in a surge zone??

Frank Pappalardo
1 mês atrás

Like your style

Kelli Chanel
1 mês atrás

You ever notice how in the McDonald’s bags are in your car it smells like baby diapers LOL I always have to roll my window down and turn on the AC

Vlad CH
1 mês atrás

Uber eats is the worst of all food delivery app, ppl can change tip to 2$ after delivery. Allowing ppl to change tip after delivery was worse thing ever. R.I.P uber eats

Barbara-Winston Corfield
1 mês atrás

That happened to me also. It was a bit confusing.

J Osorto
1 mês atrás

Doesn't seem worth it to drive for Uber Eats……

Easily Offended
1 mês atrás

Postmates was better and when they add on deliveries they are fishing for suckers. 14.9 miles for 5.81. Nah I’m good with 1. Fn assholes at Uber bad support,

Blu Tooth
1 mês atrás

$92 in 5 hours in NYC💪🏾

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