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Exploring UBER Clear Water Lakes For Shallow Bass

The creator of the Gyrados Lure Insta: @bc.baits


Check out these EPIC videos…
🔴Catching Giant Saltwater fish on Poppers —
🔷Using Google Maps to Find hidden creeks —
🔴Fishing TOXIC Creeks for monster fish —
🔷The BIGGEST Fish I’ve Ever caught —
🔴Craziest Day of Fishing —
🔷Using a $100+ Lure to Catch fish —
🔴Downtown URBAN Fishing —
🔷Using a RAT LURE to Catch Sewer fish —
🔴Fishing DISNEY WORLD! —

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What I film with…
Drone —
Camera —
Lens —
GoPro —
GoPro External Battery —

My Other Gear…
Computer —
Editing software —
Mic —
Camera Case —
Backpack —

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SNAPCHAT: fishingthemw

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Colton Johnson
1 mês atrás

Where’s my Marylanders that call strippers rock fish

1 mês atrás

“My boat’s 40 grand too..” 😂🙌🏼 Legend

Jacob Drollinger
1 mês atrás

Spot casting for bass in clear water, I love it! 1 of those fish must fight like 3 largemouth!

Hello Person
2 meses atrás

John 3:3 John 3:16 John 3:17 John 15:18 Romans 10:9 Ephesians 5:4 in the Bible

Chloe Besson
2 meses atrás

I’m north western Michigan a lake trout is known as a laker

Savage Baggins Fishing
2 meses atrás

Why a claw tho.?.?. I mean I know they're good but when I put one to my lips I swear I feel feminine asl

Owen M.
2 meses atrás

Does anyone know the rod and reel conbo he was using?

2 meses atrás

Who else loves this YouTube channel… My fav❤️

Kentucky bow hunter
2 meses atrás

The stripey bois in KY do the same thing when it hits late summer. They will swim upstream to a dam that’s generating electricity or where the water is colder and chase bait. They’re a blast to catch man!

BJJ Allday
2 meses atrás

You should do a googan soflt plastic curly tail for small mouth

2 meses atrás

What lake is this?

Caleb Isaacs
2 meses atrás

Shiny gyarados lure might get destroyed by a muskie, that would be sad…

Skinny God
2 meses atrás

I’m from coastal CT and one of my favorite days was catching schoolies on the all white hound. Had to retire it because it was beat to hell but it was so fun 😂😂

Justin Day
2 meses atrás

I have a camp on moose head and y’all gotta troll w dB smelts and you will catch lakers

2 meses atrás

What lake is this?

Tino Provenzano
2 meses atrás

my boats 40 grand lmaooooo get flexed gram

Sweet Moonshine
2 meses atrás

Please buy more 4Runners and boats. Not one thing wrong with that.

3 meses atrás


whippin Bass
3 meses atrás

Job b my guy you been slacking on the videos please don't leave youtube

3 meses atrás

Come back to NC 🤙

yattay yattay
3 meses atrás

I feel like maine is canadian american

Alek The Bafroom Gawd
3 meses atrás

How does he see all these fish?

Conner maneke
3 meses atrás


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