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Every Uber That SUCKS in Competitive Ubers Pokemon

Why Wait? Tank on Now!

thanks to Fc for helping with the script

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0:00 Introduction
0:38 Cinderace
3:11 Genesect
4:22 Kyurem
5:34 Kyurem-Black
6:20 Kyurem-White
7:24 Lugia
8:07 Naganadel
8:46 Necrozma-Dawn Wings
9:27 Spectrier
10:15 Zamazenta

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7 meses atrás
7 meses atrás

I would love to see a "banned from ubers" list. abilities and pokemon and all

Buissness Melon
7 meses atrás

I'm national Dex ag I use Lugia for it's sheer bulk, since it can take supereffective stab damage very easily in most cases

7 meses atrás

BL tier is always an interesting tier for me

Golden Armour
7 meses atrás

yo freezai! If you ever read this I have a good idea for a video! Could you explain why baton pass was banned in gen 7? For me it was very nebulous as it was never a problem in pas gens…

Jack Clifton
7 meses atrás

Can you do a “OU Pokémon that are good in Ubers” video?

7 meses atrás

That the defensive Titan that is Lugia, is dethroned now by Lunala absolutely flored me!

7 meses atrás

Blah Blah Blah!!!!!

Stephen Veerasammy
7 meses atrás

Zamazents Hero is actually not bad since is speed tier to beat marshadow and eternatus. Slap a choice band and its decent.

Stephen Veerasammy
7 meses atrás

Mewtwo is outclassed by Necrozma Dusk Mane. It's only claim to fame is having Fire Blast

7 meses atrás

I never quite got what PU tier meant and there wasn’t really an explanation I could find so I always treated it as the “Practically Useless” tier kek

SkullerClawer Bandicoot
7 meses atrás

How does Turboblaze not ignore Prism Armor? I get it for the Primals weather as its the weather doing the effects but this just doesnt make sense

Melody Barrens
7 meses atrás

We've gotten to the point that we should just split the Ubers tier up so that the "bad banned" mons actually have a place to be good and that they "good banned" mons can still display their full power without displacing any other mon. Arguably, we reached this point in an earlier Gen, but we have more then enough now.

7 meses atrás

Btw, you’re supposed to pronounce Cinderace’s ability LEE-beh-roh. It’s actually one of the more creative Pokémon names – libero is a role in soccer for a defensive back who doesn’t have an assigned man to defend on, and is therefore free (libero in Italian) to defend anyone who breaches the defensive line, much like Cinderace is free and can switch types at will.

7 meses atrás

What’s sad is that there are OU mons like ferrothorn, tyranitar, landorus-t for example that make the meta revolve around them and also have a legitimate role in ubers. Would the lower-tier ubers warp the metagame even more than them?

Siberian Gopnik • 12 years ago

What about Reshiram? Isn't not good in ubers but banned from ou?

7 meses atrás

I think they should make a new tier for ubers, Called "Minor Ubers" or MU for short. There are so many legendaries now that I think the Uber tier could do with a trim.
This is would be for those Ubers that are NOT good enough or not viable for the actual Uber tier, but still too strong enough for normal play / OU.
It would be nice to have a place/tier where the Legendary Pokemon that see little to no play, get some play, as they’re banned from everywhere else or too weak for ubers.

7 meses atrás

Wouldn’t it make more sense for the thumbnail to say “worst of the best”

7 meses atrás

I swear since finding your channel, I'm like a hawk looking for new videos. Especially RanBatts.

7 meses atrás

I think it'd be cool to see a video on non-fully-evolved Pokemon which are almost as good or even better in competitive as their evolutions. For example:

-Chansey, who has overtaken Blissey as the de-facto special wall in OU a couple times
-Clefairy, who actually sees a share of VGC use due to its ability and redirection support moves
-Gligar, a UU staple almost always a tier behind Gliscor
-Kadabra, who is in the exact same tier as Alakazam in Gen 3 lol
-Porygon2, who was in the same tier as Porygon Z in Gen 6
-Dusclops, who has outclassed Dusknoir at times both in singles and VGC

Nyx Solomon
7 meses atrás

has showdown ever tried doing an Ubers UU format?

God Guzzlord
7 meses atrás

It'd be interesting to see an opposite video, aka videos that are not banned from standard play but good in ubers and why

7 meses atrás

Honestly I think there is enough Pokémon in Ubers now to have an ubers ou and ubers uu

Lyndon Tan
7 meses atrás

When will there be a UU version of Ubers?

Random Shit
7 meses atrás

ok but why the f*ck does Turboblaze not ignore Prism Armor. Wth

7 meses atrás

Lunala is not better choice then Lugia. Roost Calm Mind lugia is still a threat till this day. One dark pulse or shadow ball lunala is finished. Shadow ball psychic can handle Solgeleo and Eternitus. Calm Mind lugia recks those choices except Yveltal cause Calyrex shadow rider gets Oked by Lugia weakness policy shadow ball. This just wasn’t facts and lacked depth to play lugia

7 meses atrás

How is Darkrai not in this :0

7 meses atrás

Id like to see a list of pokemon that are low tier or untired that have a solid OU niche, like gastrodon, ditto ect

Mario on Mushrooms
7 meses atrás

Mobile game sponsor = instant dislike

Rix Robin
7 meses atrás

I’ve personally found success with kyurem white as a ground answer on a regieleki electric terrain team that I got to the mid 1500s with. You are right on its reliance for prediction to once it gets in but on a team like this I find prediction to be pretty easy because most players are going to switch to order to save their ground type.

Tyler Webb
7 meses atrás

Do you think an OU Ubers or UU Ubers would be something in the future? As the pool of legendaries grows every generation, I can see this being a reality. Especially because you don't have to only use Ubers in the tier, there's plenty of non-Uber pokemon that are viable enough in the tier, especially as counter picks

Jerome Alvez
7 meses atrás

Can you do a video explaining how every team in ubers contain necrozma dusk mane, yveltal, and eternatus as its core?

7 meses atrás

Freezai based on the little blurb at 0:24, I would love to see a video on OU or belowpokemon that are really good/have a niche in Ubers!

Crippling Depression
7 meses atrás

There shoulder an UU version of the Users tier 👏

Matthew Arroyo
7 meses atrás

You should do a video on NU Pokémon who aren’t good in NU

Feralis Light
7 meses atrás

You could start doing a series talking about what could be done to make weaker Pokemon good. Like what could be done to make Sunflora a good Pokemon, and from there do some theory crafting with things like giving it a new move, ability, evolution, regional variant, or base stats buff. Either that or you could something like Pokemon people think are bad but are actually good.

Dhaval Patil
7 meses atrás

You can make a video on-
How to break every stall pokemon?
I struggle with them the most.

7 meses atrás

There should be a ubers uu tier for all these pokemon.

7 meses atrás

Eventually they'll split Ubers into Higher Ubers and Lower Ubers

Varu X
7 meses atrás

I feel that Zamazenta wouldve been much better if it got Body Press, but at this point theres no reason why it wouldnt be in OU at least. It has a similar power level, has a chance to tank something and revenge kill it, and it could actually be a valuable wall breaker against Ferrothorn and Blissey, possibly even Toxapex with Psychic Fangs. Its not great, but it couldve been so much better, if only GF let Zamazenta have Body Press.

Daniel Smith
7 meses atrás

Proceeds to show zamazenta hero sweeping 4 near-full-health Ubers

tomboy sushi
7 meses atrás

The worst part about these Ubers (Lugia in particular irritates me the most) is that despite how bad they are in the Ubers tier, they can't even at least be brought down to OU due to the imbalanca that can be caused within that tier, or any other if Smogon chose to lower them. They're so bad in their own tier but would crush anything else in every lower tier.

Reese Carlton
7 meses atrás

Not sure anyone will see this, but I'd like to see a video on why certain pokemon were placed in BL and not a real tier

Fat pikachu but not transparent

Seeing my fav legendary (Lugia) be bad in Ubers makes me sad

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