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Every Uber Ride Ever

A comedy sketch about what it’s like ride sharing.
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Tommy Jenga
11 meses atrás

"I love rain and I hate it… Depends on if I want rain or not."

Something Vishy
11 meses atrás

Finally !!!!!!!

Jamie Caldwell
11 meses atrás

This is hilarious! Great job!

11 meses atrás

LOL, nothing like my experience at all. In Warsaw we just get in, ride, get out. If you want you speak to the driver (as long as he speaks Polish or English, which is recently unlikely). If you don't want to speak, you don't. That's it.

Zhen Huang
11 meses atrás

thanks for your sharing, love your video very much!

11 meses atrás

Watch your leg

Dale Aceron
11 meses atrás

Is that missing panel on the car (by left side mirror) missing for the video or is this car just that nice?

justin keeton
11 meses atrás

this skit without COVID humor and all that comes with riding in an UBER today, just wasn't that funny

Gina Marie Ferreira
11 meses atrás

In reality the rider and the driver sit there in silence and judge each other. Rider: I wonder why this guy can't get a real job. Driver: I wonder why this loser can't get a car. 🤣🤣

Miguel Young
11 meses atrás

Give that guy 5 stars my uber drivers don't even smile 😒 the few that did got a 20 dollar tip for the bottom of my wallet no in app business

abdulkadir Y
11 meses atrás

Your movie is not an updated your car is older than uber required at least 2014 or newer ahahah Hahaha be realistic before making a video about uber. 🤣🤣🤣

Jameson redbreast
11 meses atrás

That's a new driver. Nobody like that lasts.

Suprina Smith
11 meses atrás

As an urber driver I've learned no matter how nice you are the rider will still give you a 1,2,or 3 star just because they're having a bad day…it sucks🙄🤣🤣

11 meses atrás

Well, that took a turn.
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, so glad to have you guys back!

Charles Sparks
11 meses atrás

That's true about the part about I'll tip u in the app. That's a big lie. If you don't feel like tipping then don't mention it that mean don't lie.

Stephen Young
11 meses atrás

They should do one on Uber passengers too lol

11 meses atrás

My only comment is I've never ever had a single person get in the car with a full charge, especially if they have an iPhone. I don't get it.

Also almost 90% of people are never outside waiting. Then people get mad when they get left.

Enrique Zapata
11 meses atrás

This is the most ridiculous portray of an Uber driver.
As a former driver I can tell you it is the opposite of what you are describing in these video. Uber drivers experience a lot of pain and suffering from rude riders from being verbally attack to being physically assaulted or even kidnapped or in some cases killed by riders. This video is an insult to all drivers regardless which platform they work for it. 7 out of 10 riders are rude or expecting a limousine service for a fare which sometimes can be lower than your local bus fare. Those drivers who offer amenities such water or candies or a phone charger, expect from the rider a 5 star rating but instead they get a 4 or lower rating and on top of that sometimes they demand a refund under a bogus lie.
I personally experience many of those thing I mention from terrible passengers. From vomiting in my car or taking a shit or peeing in my seats also being reported because I did not chat or because I did chat , also I was assaulted verbally and physically attack, and the list can go on and on . I got tired of All that abuse and besides like I mention only 3 out of 10 will tip. some riders will even lie by telling you they will tip on the app but they do not tip at all.
The rest are nothing but bad and rude riders.
I understand there are few bad drivers out there but not because of a few rotten apples you are throwing away a full basket of good apples, I hope whoever reads my comment will have a better understanding on the nightmare a rideshare drivers is subject every single day every time he or she turns on the app to pickup a rider.

11 meses atrás


Julia Trimbey
11 meses atrás

What a load of bloody rubbish

James Harris
11 meses atrás

As an uber driver this is totally inappropriate enough people are scared in general. Do not slander us drivers

Jesse Alberts
11 meses atrás

Geeze it does remind me of every uber ride. The rider showing up without a mask.

1 ano atrás

Geez. I don't do ANY of this and I am a driver. And if the CLIENT says take a diff way you do it. You don't always have to follow the directions. This video was a horrible take on driver's cause if any of them act like this in real life they should NOT be in this business!!

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