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Choosing the right car for Uber XL, things you will need to consider…

When choosing the correct car for Uber XL work there are many things to consider…

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All you need to do to enter their competition is to have an active Sense policy, download the Zego Sense app on your phone, enable those permissions and enter your details via the link on their website Once you start driving your driver score will be generated and you’ll be in with a chance to win.

My review of the Zego Sense App:

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Kristian Evans Brett
53 minutos atrás

Where did you purchase your ford from ? , looking at becoming a taxi driver.
Great videos Matty.

patrik bartos
14 horas atrás

Hi Matty, I can't write you a direct message, so I'm writing here. I have a feeling that uber is more and more quiet last weeks and days and it's just totally bad, at least for me… Often I can't even get a job for long times, I can't believe it. Do you also see that it's very slow last days /weeks? I'm not counting football days, but any other days, average days, weekends

Ashraf Hussain
1 dia atrás

My old man’s been killing the XL jobs with his Zafira 🤣 I’ve just applied for my pco licence, what car would you recommend me to get?

1 dia atrás

You have bolt in Sefton ?

mark borg
1 dia atrás

What about in London as Uber only want electric vehicles I think on the platform from 2025 … nightmare times 🙈

Lee Cooper
1 dia atrás

Dark mate – Talking about climbing over dead people…. 🙂

ishteeaq ahmed
1 dia atrás

Quick question. I am on UberX, and if I get a trip where someone needs me to put down two of the back seats for a large box, can I refuse the trip and recommend XL?

2 dias atrás

Sorry to hijack but how are you finding work lately it seemed like it was picking up but it’s pretty dire so far this week

MR Yoyo
2 dias atrás

My local authority requires an operator form confirming il be working with them for the licence application. Uber wont provide it me at this time until i get a licence lol how did you get around this if you had this issue ?

2 dias atrás

You tried nicotine patches they worked well for me mate gives you nicotine but with no habit just stick a patch on in the morning that’s it then you slowly reduce the dose

2 dias atrás

Are u pulling our leg about the thank button lol i dont see one

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